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Governor for a Day (Or Three)


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I have been many things in Aion over the 11 years I have been here.

In no particular order: rubbish. Less rubbish but still pretty rubbish. Decently not rubbish. An Assassin. A moderator. An officer in a legion that feels like Home. A friend. An enemy.

But I had never been a Governor before. It took nearly 11 years and an objectively terrible siege system for this little sin to stumble his way into the top spot. I did not deserve it, but I enjoyed these past few days of transforming into something the size of a small building and Abyssal Verdict-ing my chanter who kept dueling me every time we transformed. The closest I ever got prior to this was during 2.5 when I managed to save enough AP to peek into General before being too stressed at the thought of losing all my ap with my...brave stupid playstyle to go any further. This was an unexpected treat for me that got me all nostalgic and I figured I'd post here. I know a lot of you have been here just as long as I have and I just wanted to share what might be my last great, unreasonable goal from all those years ago that came unexpectedly to fruition now. Aion is a weirdly special place for me, probably is for some of you as well, despite its problems, in the way that even after all these years something like this can happen that evokes a sense of shock and excitement even though it has been around from the beginning.

I know it's not a big deal and honestly I really didn't get to do very much with it outside of harassing a few poor Elyos and goofing around with my friends but it just reminded me of why I love Aion and always seem to find my way back here.

Have a nice night everyone <3



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