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Things I learned from playing various versions of Aion


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Hmm I'm not really sure which topic suiting for but I would like to share my experience and ideas about pre 6.0 Aion.

First I think people can't forced to do certain things even it's only the option existed within that time or game like when sarpan and tiamarantra turns into PvP zones people just simply log off or afk waiting zones becoming safe again I think I do understand the idea behind removing full safe zone into partial safe zone in 4.x because they want everyone to pvp so they can sell more pvp related items from store but thing is people can avoid it completely by leveling themselves in BT or if they can't they willing to do it extreme way by doing mithril coin quests until 65.So yep removed safe zone doesn't promote people to do PvP more you just simply lost that partition of players.I think what should be happened to sarpan and tiamarantra in 4.x it should repurpose and scale exp that you can exp safely to 65 as alternative to katalam and danaria and offering kahrun gears of 65 version.

Second nobody like to farm in instances at all especially if you have to farm eternally without ending,because instance naturally a completely closed environment you just do routine works no matter how fast you do it,they're just bad it should be optional.In instances you can't expected things that can't unpredicted like your enemies faction show up or running safely to guards or running to aillies to help you fight back it's just boring everyone already doing routine works in real world we don't need to do it again in game.And I think instances should have be solo and group version the different should be color of skins and more amount of coins because I think solo version doesn't require less skill to complete and more important you can't force people who wanted to solo to do group like you can't force PvE lovers to do PvP by removing PvE contents.

Third pay users will pay no matter what and free players will not pay if they don't want or they will find alternate way to get stuff from shop such as kinah restrict certain items untradable it doesn't increasing sale of those items it even decreasing the sale of those because pay users can't put it in broker and make money from store it indirectly promoting black market that selling illegal kinah.

Conclusion even you killed everyone I like on earth and leaving only a single person that I hate most to live with,I rather to suicide myself or I rather go to mars and isolate myself from earth if that mean harsh conditions to survive as long as I don't live with someone I hate.

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