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[Lvl. 59] The Hidden Fortress


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Hello Boroda-KT

I came to your post hoping someone gave you an answer other than what I discovered.

In my research, I came to find that you have to do all the Heiron quests that lead to a Lizard that gives you the item in question. I really don't want to do that. I was playing the game back when it was just released from beta and abandoned my character after they changed the game to enable PVP for any level land. I am back, thinking since the game changed hands, I might have a better chance at playing without a human jumping me whilst mid-quest...lol. The first thing I found was everything changed in my quest log, and like you, I found Hidden Fortresss waiting for me. The last thing I feel like doing is 'redoing' the Heiron quests I did before I abandoned the quest. 

So here is what I am doing and is my advice to you if you don't want to do Heiron area repeatable quests: Grind your way to 75. If you prefer to do the campaign quests then see my guide listed below. 

Good fortunes to you!

~ Miyanna

Here is the resource I referenced in my discussion: 

Link explaining the Campaign quest.

* * Quests rewarding Translated DocumentDecode the Document ,then do Translated Document

When you load the pages, you will see one feeds into the other. The quest you need is only accessible if you did all the pre-quests for that region. If you follow your way to all the pre-quests links, you will see it takes you all the way back, leading you to Flow of Aether quest for level 26. 


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