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LVL 35 Minion Gift is mission

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I have a few toons and noticed a few don't have their grade B Minion.  On the Asmodae side Haunted Cheska gives you a quest where you can choose between Hamerun or Abija Grade-B minion.  I was wondering what step I left out that didn't que the quest?


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OK, I went back through my blue quests.  At Alquimia Research Center I founf “Aware Cheska” had a blue quest to kill the four port guards and go into the research lab instance.  After doing the instance and killing the Priest, I could finish “Meet and Greet”  and “Al-Quest-ia Research”.  This is a blue quest that leads me to Haunted Cheska.  When I got to her she gave me a choice of Hamarun or Abija Minions. 

Now I have to do that on the Elyos side for my toons.  I hope there it’s a level 80 cap on it?

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