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Come on NC is your sever you have the license of this Game (Aion) you can speak with korea to make some changes

you have avaliable make alters to help our main chars and we cant use our items of this alts to help our mains

this is the reason that i speak for all ppl in this game

we know you have problems with some ppl but this is not the reason to make all untradeable we are the owners of our items

this is the reason that we need the restore the personal broker so if we want trade some item to an especific ppl we can and we need trade via broker and this make problems

if i want trade some items like titan coins - enchants - scrolls - event items - and others other thinks we cant

YOU CAN SPEAK and make a survey in to the game

we dont want change the game we want restore some thinks

more ppl say the game is dying

this updates are good but we want thinks of the oldests updates


NC... this is your server...

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they can and at the same time they can not... you understand, right? xD

IMO, they have the right to do some changes. But they don´t have people working on that. Actually I don´t even know if they have somebody who really knows how to change the code to modify something. They need fixes from Korea everytime something fails. And we think that is cause they don´t have access to the code or somebody don´t let them do fixes. But why we never just think that maybe nodoby there knows how to do it? And actually nobody there plays the game, so probably could be so hard to understand what to change and how. 

I believe NA servers are just to sell stuff and strategic merchandising in this side of the world. 

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