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Broken Mechanic or Hidden Stats?


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So as most players probably know already, duel-weilding seems to be broken in the game. What I mean by that is you can take a +0 dagger and crit for higher damage then a +15 Greatsword/Polearm.   It also doesn't seem to matter what your offhand is. You could be rocking a Ulti dagger main hand, a crappy ancient in your offhand, and the damage is the same as if you were rocking 2 ulti daggers.  In our profiles there's a "Physical Crit Damage" stat on the bottom right but that number doesn't change no matter what type of weapon you are using. So I'm wondering if this is a broken mechanic or are there hidden stats that we can't see?

It should also be noted that some players say using a Sov dagger mainhand+ an old weapon from previous patches (Like Master Harvestor) causes you to attack faster then normal and drastically increases your crit damage. 

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