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Weekend Buffs (XP/AP/Drops/Renown/Retune)

Whick bonuses would you like on weekends?  

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  1. 1. Weekend Bonus that will round robin in a 4 week period

    • Experience bonus passive
    • Abyss Points bonus passive
    • Drop rate bonus passive
    • Renown bonus passive
    • 1 kinah retune bonus passive
    • Dungeon Delve bonus passive (+pve attack and defense inside instances)

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Can we please get back the weekend buffs? It will make people log more during weekends and also help everyone. We already had something liek this (XP/AP/Drops/Crafting) and it was good to have. We do not need any crafting bonus weekend and the drop rate bonus might not be the most important for many people.

My suggestion would be 1 bonus per weekend, round robin those:

  • XP bonus weekend
  • AP bonus weekend
  • Drop bonus weekend
  • Renown bonus weekend OR 1 kinah retune weekend

Think of these as mini events please!

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