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Solutions for the dead map Demaha and Katalam


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We know that Demaha and Katalam have become dead maps.

There is a lot of content, but there is no reason for users to go

NCsoft in North America seems to have a poor understanding of Aion

7.7 At Aion, the most important thing is the Experience Mark

And to get it, you have to hunt but

Aion in North America does not have automatic hunting.

Therefore, I think Demaha and Katalam should be rewarded with more EXP or Experience Mark for daily or weekly quests.

Also, if you do that, many users will walk the field and naturally

I think that the pvp between users will occur and the interesting elements of the game can be clearly shown.

The advantage of Aion is a fun pvp

Please think about how to activate pvp between users and have fun enjoying Aion.

And please don't make same as Aion KR 

Users' dispositions are completely different

Please make Reason for to go Demaha and Katalam

Thank you!! 

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The solution for Katalam is simple, change the weekly and daily rewards.

Weekly add 1 x Legendary PvP enchant stone to the reward per camp quest.

Daily add 1 x Ancient PvP enchant stone to the reward per camp quest.

Atm. it's broken because you can earn EXP marks on any map, nothing unique to Katalam.

Currently you can buy 10 boxes of Ancient PvP enchants on Lakrum and 5 x Legendary PvP enchant scrolls on Demaha but nothing on Katalam except XP and renown for doing the quests, which is a pretty poor reward for a unique PvP map.

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