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Legion "Nose Ingles" Kill Balaur in Siege.


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Here is how it was done back in the Lakrum siege days..






How to Earn Extra Honor Points During Siege (Lakrum)


Defending Fortress.

Outside the fortress NPCs and tanks will spawn for you to kill, the HP is split based on your damage, so the higher DPS and the more you can hit in one go, the better HP you will get.


Approximately 6-10 minutes after siege begins, more NPCs will spawn at the middle gate, both inside and outside, these also give extra HP. These are the only 2 options for gaining additional HP during siege whilst defending. Dredgion mobs do not give HP, but your damage does count towards the regular rank.



Attacking Fortress

One hour before siege starts, a handful of Balaur spawn outside the fortress (They only spawn once). Each balaur has a Sharp Hook. These sharp hooks allow you to climb onto the broken parts of the fortress wall. (Assassins don't need the hook). The hook lasts 2 hours, so when siege starts, when everyone has run to the gate, the hook users, can jump onto the wall and start DPS'ing the npcs inside the fortress, including using the portal to TP over to the other side where less of the enemy are waiting. Then making your way around the fort killing balaur and gaining HP whilst everyone else is still DPS'ing the gate.


Every NPC in the fortress gives HP.



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