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Paragon Weapon & Armor - Enable Appearance modification

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Hi there,

So Paragon gear cannot be modified in appearance in any way - including skill skins. I feel this is not only a disappointment for the "extreme" gear, but a limitation most players won't enjoy.  Most people like to skin the set they use and often switch. On to skin skill application - it is pretty much essential to be able to apply a weapon and armor skin skill to Paragon armor. The set is meant to be for pvp & pve originally - if one was to say, +7 all 6 armor pieces. They would expect and hope to be able to apply probably mistveil skill skins on the armor and likely solar/lunar/meteor weapon skin skills in future events (seems like that is coming). 

Also if more people use paragon this will lead to a loss in revenue as they won't be able to participate in an event such as the solar/lunar one we had (which rumoured to come again soon).

Please consider making this change to paragon equipment and now that we have a huge event, as soon as possible as more and more players acquire the gear and realize its true power.


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I'm sorry my friend has advised me that you -can- skin the armor, just not the weapon.


It doesn't really make much sense. Let's hope the Devs can make the adjustment for weapons (lack of skin skill is a bit of a nerf).

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