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My suggestion to add some life to live server.


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Hi @Kibbelz I guess at this point most people at NC don't focus on live server anymore right ? I believed they working hard on classic.
Well that's give us some freedom to do something about live can't we ? I believed first priority we needs to bring people back. Most of p servers out there are using 4.6 or lower version to get players so what's strong point of live one ? ofc it's skins I suggested you reverse back luna system back to pre 6.0(Preciously 5.8). I don't believed anyone will care about luna in current form right now. This will give some life and bring some people who crazed in skins like me back you also need to bring NPCs that used to sell skins in sanctum,emotes and dyes (could add all dye petals sell directly to this NPC too). Also bring back all NPCs that selling stuff related to housing back.(Guestblooms,Etc). And replaced transform scroll in gold sand shop with transparent one with same price.

I believed this should boost population to NA a bit to moderately. If this worked we might talking what to do next but now priority should be boost population to the server first.

I hope you will considering this ^_^
Thank you for taking your time on this.

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