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Notes on Heavenly Skills

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From: list of skin skills

Heavenly Weapon Skills

  • These are active skills, you have to cast them
  • These are CaseSkill effects which will trigger another skill when user's HP drops below 80%
    • Power: Solar Force (HeavenWeapon_Buff)
      • Power: Blessing of the Sun (HeavenWeapon_Buff_Sys)
    • Power: Bright Lunar Force (HeavenWeapon_Shield)
      • Power: Moonlight Shield (HeavenWeapon_Shield_Sys)
    • Power: Meteor Force (HeavenWeapon_Attack)
      • Power: Meteor Explosion (HeavenWeapon_Attack_Sys)
  • Cooldown 5 minutes (Have no cooldown ID so they don't share cooldown with anything else?)
  • Power: Solar Force, Power: Bright Lunar Force, and Power: Meteor Force (the CaseSkill skills before triggering) overwrite each other
    • Also overwrites and overwritten by:
      • Power: Energy of the Dark Dragon King
      • Power: Mistvale Energy
      • Power: Wise Dragon King’s Wrath
      • Power: Wise Dragon King’s Grace
      • Power: Wise Dragon King’s Blessing
  • Power: Moonlight Shield overwrites: (the following skills also overwrites each other too)
    • Power: Blessing of the Sun
    • Power: Meteor Explosion
    • Power: Anger of the Dark Dragon King
    • Mistvale Strength
    • Star Buff
  • Power: Moonlight Shield (HeavenWeapon_Shield_Sys) not affected by Drillbore / Vicious Arrow or similar effects that destroy most shield effects
  • Power: Meteor Explosion (HeavenWeapon_Attack_Sys) triggers Power: Meteor Explosion (HeavenWeapon_Attack_Proc_Sys) when attacking/use damage skill on opponent
    • HeavenWeapon_Attack_Proc_Sys (the proc skill)
      • AOE radius 8m circle, 6 targets maximum
      • 4500 magical fire damage
      • 0% magical crit stat multiplier


Divine Protection (HeavenWeapon_Collection_01), (Advanced) Divine Protection (HeavenWeapon_Collection_02)

  • Costs 20% HP to cast (and deals 1 damage to user)
    • Net heal is 30% HP and 50% MP over 10 seconds
  • 5 minute cooldown
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