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DP/PD Daevanion Skill combine rater?


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On 3/23/2021 at 5:24 PM, Jomu said:

did anyone know rate of combine for DP SKills ? i have combine more than 80+ skill books and still missing DP skills

@Kibbelz can we get on future events DP Skill as reward? its hard to get that skills....

I was in your feet for quite some time, I was always getting books I already had. At some point I had hoarded a ton of them and was like "lets try again", and out of nowhere I got both of them back to back with 2 more tries.

Now of course making them +15 is nearly impossible because after +10 it gets insanely low chance to succeed, I forgot how many ones I wasted, I think it took me more than 15 tries to go from +10 to +11!!!

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