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get classic launched!


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Pretty much says it all.   Give me an excuse to pay you a monthly sub because the totally F2P along with all the pay to win mechanic that are now part of the game and the cash shops.. UHG!  

I'm in my 60's now and the whole f2p thing to me, as a gamers is no longer a draw.  I have no current F2P MMO's I play.

I pay for a sub for SWTOR because it supports the game and they have ZERO pay to win in the cash shop for that game. XP Boosts and such are not pay to win, they're pay to get there faster.  If you don't what your doing you'll still get you butt handed to you on a platter in end game, especially if you PvP.  Current Aion however .. cartoons pets, cartoon skins utsy cutsy garbage that gets bought because it gives players an advantage.

Lets get back to where you had to earn your way, and earn your wings.  Get rid of any and all XP boosts, get rid of tiny player avatars having an advantage.  Equalize the players. Make it fair.. tough, but fair.  I didn't play Aion back in the day because it was Easy.  I played it because it was bloody difficult but when you did get the goodies you had earned them!

The other suggestion is each player has their own loot.  Eliminate the potential for griefing drops.   Take control of the game econ.  And subject gold farmer site to DCMA take downs or URL blockages if they cannot be taken down to to country the site is in.   If they cannot sell/market what they steal/bot farm for then they don't have a business.  

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