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For Paragon weapon


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When I  saw many players discussed the issue about Paragon equipment  through forum,  It brings back sad memories for me about enchanting the +7 weapon Paragon weapon in Jan 2021,

Actually I was returning player, I only had used Restoration Tokens for one time in my memories. Aion Support Team did help me to restore +5 Paragon weapon for my main account, and then I had used my other account to purchase some Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone to keep enchant, because I do not have much kinah to buy some enchantment stone from broker in game, and during the event each account only can purchase 2 boxes that included blessed ultimate paragon enchantment stone, available until 1/27.

Before enchanting +7 fail, I REALLY had sent a ticket to Aion Support Team, telling them my concern about (whether I still have 3 Restoration Tokens for the months of Jan. to June on this account, because I am going to enchant +7 Paragon Sword of Desperation, if unsuccessful, It has chance destroying items, It looks like very difficult to enchant.)  And then I had received a reply from GM that said (Upon checking, we found out that you still have 3 restoration tokens available for this period (Jan-June).
If there's more, please let us know.)
Did everyone catch the meaning, I JUST simply thought that do not worry, please go on ahead , we can restore it for you......

Unfortunately, my tragedy was coming.
reply from GM(Thank you for contacting Aion Support Team.
Upon reviewing your request, we were able to verify that your +7 Paragon Sword of Desperation was previously restored and the item is no longer eligible for restoration. Do note that items can only be stored once if destroyed due to failed enchantment. We will have to deny your request.
You may check the full details of the Token-Based Restoration Policy on the following link:
Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.)

I fell into the ”word play”. I shall stop enchanting the +7 weapon if they told me they would not be able to restore it again.I spent much money on this weapon and got nothing, +7 are too hard.

I think I was the innocent victim of this case, I am not talking about money back. as we know aion now is boring and many player quit, but we can still see many players who really love this game continue to fight. we need to be treated fairly and kindly, Should give consumers a chance.
It's a bit wordy, thank you for reading.

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I've already explained that I am a returning player, never read Token-Based Restoration Policyas, told them my concern before enchanting.

do not you think GM's reply misled me into the wrong way,
(Upon checking, we found out that you still have 3 restoration tokens available for this period (Jan-June).
If there's more, please let us know.)

you mean I must take full responsibility, what about GM 

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