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  1. @Kibbelz the monster cubic platinum will contain cubics for IDD/Altar bosses?
  2. Everyone knows the ID of a weapon is tagged once you used your token to restore, otherwise people would pass the weapon thru multiple accounts to abuse the restoration system
  3. Imo keep the garden baseline like abyssal, remove all the drops but add cubics to the mobs.
  4. They've checked the item and it was bought before the paragon exploit was even in players radars, my story doesn't have to make sense to you, i don't know where you get this idea from but ok. @Kibbelz you can close this topic since the subject is already resolved.
  5. The most contradictory about your argument is that you still around, they dont ban only cheaters and exploiters but toxic and non factors players from the game, and as you can see you still around, $ isn't everything
  6. Just to let everyone know kibbelz answered my pm and i have good hopes to things gets reverted! Thank you everyone who supported me thru those hard days. Cheers!
  7. This is from kibbelz Yeah i know, i gave up on replying the e-mail and my only hope is to reach kibbelz/hime in forums so they can take my reply to the team.
  8. Ncsoft will NEVER admit if any gm is involved. Like kibbelz said in his previously post, he will share more info, info that can't be used against them, so maybe not the whole history.
  9. Who do you know with same excuse as me is not banned yet? I'm pretty sure im not one of the minorities since i spent in this game more than half of the aion community, even tho thats not the issue. You're assuming the price is too low even tho it was hours in broker, i wonder if was really that low, i can assure you it was hours in broker, since it took me one evening and one night of kinah boxing farm from the treasure hunt event to get enough kinah. I'm not using the community as protection im only expressing what can happen with anyone, when the ncsoft say their decision is
  10. Cause it took me hours to think it over if it was worth it
  11. 1- No way i had the same IP adress 2- Im pretty sure i bought it hours after it was in broker 3- price was reasonable 4- yeah i bought the item but not one that was clearly a source of exploit
  12. That's literally what im trying to do, make the community work together to resolve the issues, if you want to be a half empty glass person w/e
  13. ?? For how many years people report hackers and other things with video proof, all they need to do is observe the account in question and ban them, but do they do that? Maybe they would if people actually put the effort like we did in the paragon thing.
  14. That's totally a different matter, now they are investigating cause the community asked them and threatned to go to the korea website or even korea digital websites, after the l2 scandal they are really afraid of anything of the sort happening, so to show how good the job they are doing for the community to keep them calm they are probably banning every single person related to the person who abused in the first place. Imo a unfair ban is the same weight as people who abuse the paragon, both should have the same priority, and that's all im asking.
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