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Which classic server are you going to?

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"There will be two servers at launch,

 Siel and Israphel.

As of now, both servers will be run via AWS from the U.S. state of Virgina where our servers for the currently live version of Aion operate."

We want to be on the same server as our friends. I will go to Israphel, unless friends are going to the other one: Here are some friends and legions that I remember.

Elyos: Players:

  • AlienBoss
  • Cloudest
  • Oumashoe and fake Oumashu
  • Sweeeety
  • Yona
  • Nular

 Elyos: Legions:

  • Left Behind
  • Hotdog Bounce House
  • Team Para
  • Drunk Squad
  • The Great Lakes
  • (which legion had the whale as their logo?)

Please use this thread to let your friends know which server to go to.

MayBlue - going to Israphel.

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Guest Benny lava

Siel = elyos dominated

Israphel = maybe elyos dominated

You have to remember asmos have to to 3 keys, while elyos can simply farm the key outside FT and profit.

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