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Good class for 1v1 and overall pvp

Guest salt

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I am a wow player of many years. I main a warrior in wow. I have played other mmos aswell and I pvp 99% of the time. Pve is just a means for me to gear up for pvp or something I do on the side. I didn't play Aion when it launched because I was really invested in wow arena back in the wotlk days.

So now I am wondering about classes. Which class in Aion Classic is really good in 1v1 but no totally bad in group pvp aswell ? I have looked through the classes and really like the gameplay and look of gladiators and spirit masters. Gladiator is a bit more appealing to me because I main a warrior in wow which is a melee.

What can you recommend? Also if you have any good sources about the changes from 1.0 ->1.5 ->1.7 in Aion Classic, I'd appreciate it.

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Enjoy gladiator then,

There are going to be no class changes as we are using 2.7 skill set, only thing that will change is the increased level from 50 to 55, if that is what you meant.

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Generally speaking, Aion doesn't have much that excels at both roles.  You're going to give and take.  Different patches might alter this slightly.

Gladiator is a fantastic Group v Group and Siege combatant.  They fair acceptably in 1v1's, generally losing matchups to ranged combatants.

Sorc's are excellent in 1v1's, and fair somewhat well in Group v Group and Siege.  You're going to do a lot of damage, but you're quite vulnerable.  You'll excel if you have people around you with good communication.

Spirit Master's are similar, perhaps doing a little better in the 1v1, but a little less effective at the group stuff.

Clerics can also do both well, but I wouldn't say they excel offensively at either.  

Queue every single Guest jumping in here to contest, "BUT X CLASS AGAINST Y CLASS UNDER PATCH Z IS ACTUALLY JUST rubbish HUEHUEHUEHUE".

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Guest Zoaea

I played Aion until they started making bigger changes. I played ranger, Spirit master (pets).

PVP Ranger is really good 1v1, at least on the ground. with my traps I could take out up to 4 players near my level if they were the right mix. I could 1v1 most classes without issue, sorcs could one shot a ranger = level, but you saved your silence for that one skill. Mostly I only died 1v1 if someone got the jump on me or to other rangers or assassins (or sorcs if I messed up the silence heh). All my friends quit about 3 weeks into launch so I was mostly solo. Spirit Master was also good solo but you can't really kill much higher lvl players. With my Ranger I built accuracy gear and could kill 1v1 some high level players. (I sat at the lv 40 range for a long while and roamed the enemy areas). Magic does not (or did not) have this ability, I would miss way too much so the most I might get was away. 

I think for this game,  you grind a lot, so pick a class you will enjoy as well. any can pvp, you just might change up wither you run in a group or solo, or what other classes to avoid/engage. ^_^

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Guest MissMyFearGodstone

SM is faceroll easy and rewarding  as long as you can deal with a few things:

- being expected to carry  in group PvP ( not really realistic but goes  with the class)

- being  the primary target in PvP 

-  finally there are skilled SMs and the one-trick pony SMs  (fearbots)  - the rewards and respect I would say is determined by which path you decide to follow 

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Guest Emyrryl (Old af templar)

Can't actually sign in to  comment this proper, However there is no "Best class" Merely some that are easier to succeed with others, but in the end it's going to really depend on what you wanna do.  TL:DR of ease of success at bottom

  Damage oriented and aoe output - Gladiator (Greatsword build for stable damage, Polearm for spike/burst damage a geared gladiator will beat the snot out of most groups)
Full on brick and single target output- Templar  (sword and board for mass CC, Greatsword for main damage output But pride themselves on being impossible to kill in the right hands)

Buffer/off healer - chanter (They are single target dps along with an off healer/buffer, with a light tanking ability due to chain armor) They are very omni role capable
Dedicated healer - Cleric (The off-tankiness and healing allows them to be a supportive menace, or a respectable damage dealer) They are support mainly but can easily be a magic damage dealer

Damage (Physical)
Melee dps - assassin (Squishy But is single handedly the highest physical dps output capable of killing pretty much any other dps if they get the jump on them.  Lots of CC and lots of sustainable damage.  Difficult to succeed with but can pretty much solo anyone when mastered (Ex: the level 37 assassin that soloed a dredge in the days of old)
Ranged dps - Ranger (duh)  (Squishy but really good at locking down a single target and wiping the floor  at a safe distance, can be a major pain when kiting proper. 

Damage (magical)
Nuke/burst - Sorc  (These are your bread and butter I cast spell and you nyerkin' die incredible single target damage, alongside with a heavy amount of CC)
CC/DoT - Spirit master (This class is mainly going to be Damage over time and CC, often referred to as the 'nubstomper'  for it's ability to entirely shut down an inexperienced hell even journeyman PvPers who get caught with their pants down) 

TL:DR Difficulty to succeed with classes outta 10  (Been a while since I've played 2.7 so these might be a bit off but a general Idea)
Gladiator: 6.5/10 
Templar: 9.5/10 
Chanter: 7/10
Cleric: 9/10
Assassin: 10/10
Ranger: 4/10
Sorcerer: 7.5/10
Spirit master:  3/10

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