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Revamping outdated stigmas


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I kinda agree with this thread we got a lot of useless stigmas for every class and stigmas are kinda monotone.
Everything should have it use.

As I can think

Gunner : power grab/hemorrhage shot should be usable by both pistols and cannon,stopping power should last 15 hits 30 sec and frozen blitz should be usable by pistols.

Ranger : blazing trap should usable anywhere and explode as soon as u placed it no need target to move,focus shots last 10 hits,hunter might last 30 sec 2 mins cd,sharpen arrow 20% boost attack and no mp cost increased.

Assassin : deadly abandon last 3 mins 1 min cd,searching strike can using without hiding,lighting slash decrease physical defense and can chain with  rune slash 100%..

Gladiator : draining blow/cripple cut usable without stumble,spite strike usable without parry,wind lace decrease dmg and usable instantly.

Templar :  punshing thrust half dmg 30 sec cd,shield burst become instant and usable with greatsword,incite rage also dealing aoe dmg with taunt with 30 sec cd.

Chanter : leaping flash become instantly and decreased dmg,splash wing usable without parry,woi(green stigma)/wop last 30 sec instead 15 sec cd also rise to 25 sec so dps chanter can support and stacked with ascension spell.

Cleric : sacrificial power no losing heal boost and increase crit spell by 100 instead and do not share cool down with bene,retribution lightning cd decrease to 16 sec,summon healing servant can't be attack by mobs but attackable by players.

SM : spirit burn to ashes cd decrease to 1 min,magic freedom cast time become instant and last 30 sec,stone scour become a cast time skill instead charging skill,summon cyclone hits double dmg and affected by MB.

Sorc : Summon rock cd 1 min,ice harpoon cast time 2 sec,arcanethunder bolt cd 1 min and become aoe.

SW : comburstible cacophony become aoe and no limit of targets 30 sec cd,impassion do not share cd with exultation.

AT : ravager cannon.steel storm,praticle whip decrease dmg but skills become instantly,aethercharge steel cd decrease cd to 1 mins and increase attack speed 10% and crit spell 100 for 15 sec.

Well just some of my ideas but I hope they will revamp stigmas :)




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