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11 Year Old Aion PvP Video. Taken on the eve of 2.0


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Taken literally a few hours before 2.0 went live. I was the one recording. Sorry for the quality of the video in some parts, this was a lot of years ago.


On The Eve of 2.0 Me and a few friends decided to go rifting before the update went live and nerfed rifting. This is the end result. We had a blast. Major props to Last Resort, remember and Aurora Members who came out to play. Fun times. See you all in the abyss XD


Also, sorry to Jokes for the embarrassing cleave kill I got him with.

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9 hours ago, Guest amaterino said:

The last few days before i decided to stop inhaling copium and quit for a different life journey

Thats a pretty sweet transformation. Can't see in the video but what rank were you?

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