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Unable to login to the website, Founder / siel aura and blocked for no reason

Guest Whyy

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Guest Whyy

I invited a friend to play Aion classic, he liked the game and he decided to continue playing, and decided to pay on Tuesday (2 days ago) for the $ 20 founder pack. But he couldn't log in to the aion website (he tried in all internet browsers) and he couldn't pay for the founder pack. He wrote a ticket to Aion support, 21h passed and they did not answer him, so on Wednesday (yesterday) He tries to log in deciding to pay only the golden siel because it was already Wednesday, And Oh surprise, it was blocked and in the game too "Login unavailable from bloked IPs or restricted accounts, please contact customer support "and he was very frustrated. I encouraged him, I helped him write another ticket and they responded to the previous ticket written on Tuesday saying: "You're banned and don't write again because we're not going to answer you" ... And being nice? banned for no reason? without explaining? He is a new player in Aion classic, he plays another monthly paid game as well and I invited him to play Aion classic and he decided to play it, but all this happened and now he is very disappointed and sad. I don't want to play without my friend, why did I pay for the founder pack to play alone? happy with all this injustice and madness? sigh we have never been treated so badly :(

I write in the forum because my friend has not received any help and because he does not know where to write here in the forum... @Kibbelz 

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