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When we Will get Ncsoft classic?


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I really think thats what we need si a Ncsoft classic.

A company with the intention of offering good service and not just the need to satisfy your greed lmao.


If this has only been the beginning, I don't even want to imagine what will come, I usually play their games but they go downhill, that is, from bad to worse with respect to the decisions they make.


Well, it's just the opinion of a nobody in this community.


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Oldschool gaming as it was is long gone,  just move on, or you might as well play some random mobile gacha game instead.

At least look how many people are happy due to once illegal RMT being legal.

Holy nyerk, why people are so desperate about anything competitive, not enough self confidence?

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i wish they would just sell the rights to aion and lineage 2, some company that would actually remake them into a good game.. but they will always stir up the pot to make a quick dollar, and no one would go for it cuz it would be a yearly lawsuit waiting to happen zzz mmo are still popular in korea, but what they did with aion here was lazy and inconsiderate.. paying 2 subs and a premium is just insane on top of a gem shop for the most basic of  luxuries.. meanwhile allowing an exchange rate zzzz absolutely absurd..

nc lost all potential when they more than doubled their income with mobile, their best flagship project outside of anything B&S of recent {past 8 years i should say} was lineage revolution and that was done by netmarble.. i understand that selling a crap mobile game to half a million people for 1 or 2 dollars is more profit than selling a quality pc title to 40k gamers at a 12$ sub.. but somehow they did it backwards and are charging 15$ {minimum} on a 12 year old game, pushing away fanatics such as myself who would throw money at something tangible but instead have decided to spend 0 on it as of yet.. i'm currently playing classic a few quests a day, but i have the competitor in my library and may be picking up their sub as well later this summer..

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I just look at this from aion classic era perspective ,I'm talking about how game designed not how it was managed.
You see Aion is not going to survive as major mmo in the first place. Extreme learning curve and very hard to play because a lot of skills to use + conditional skills + switching weapons + weaving ofc a lot of people won't play because this sole reason alone. Then we have a concept of multiple sets PvE,PvP,Healing armors omg how many sets you have to farm just in order to survive and have fun ? And lastly lawless open world PvP that you can keep bully anyone freely without any consequence and all shits combined how most people wanna stay in this game ? o_O Aion can be only a niche game.

Ofc  those are bad and pro point in same time because it needs a lot of skills some people feeling fun because it require you to try something rather than roll a cat on keyboard. Aion could be great but not majority of people. DPS race time limited stuff in instances shouldn't implement into Aion in the first place if they want more people to enjoy it.

If anything or anyone stab Aion first wound it would be elitism and it never healed and yet wide spread to entire gaming industies.

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