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PVP Weapon choise


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So i am a chanter and i recently finished my pve supp gear and going for pvp. Armor will be lvl 75 AP dats for sure, but as far as Weapon goes i have heard of 2 choises:

Ahserion+ Harvester (or the opposite i dont remember)

75 AP (Prime) + Provenance

What are your opinions? I know Prov is extended but Ahserion is more DMG overall and better stats or am i missing sth? Thank you for yourhelp in advance :D 

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I would get Prov + 75ap first.


Extendables are extremely helpful in PvP


Harvester + Ahserion does have better stats but the people I've seen making this combo already have their Extendable and are just making it as an extra thing to have on hand to switch to finish people off.

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