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Daeva Pass Suggestion...


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I was thinking, as someone who just started a few days ago and doesn't have a ton of time to play currently I was thinking about getting the pass to help me along with the extra kinah/coin gear etc available through it.

But I see there is only less than 2 weeks left to finish it and at the pass being $30, I would not pay extra Quna to buy levels I cant finish, that seems predatory imo. 

So why not have the pass start fresh when the person buys it?? Or like some newer games, have all the passes available as they come and the player can select which pass to work on in the menu. Once they select the pass they're locked into that pass track.

Another reason is I'm lower level and have no idea what the new pass might contain and if it would be beneficial to me vs the current one.

Tldr; instead of a pass that ends and your forced to buy levels to finish it if you buy in late, why not either start the pass when you buy in for the 45? Days or however long they last. 

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Since I can no longer edit the Oroginal Post, I also thought that making the pass cost less as it starts to expire is also an option. Make the pass less expensive, $15 half way through its life but the cost of Quna to buy levels for it increase???

Since people know they won't be able to finish it without buying levels before it expires, which seems predatory when the pass is $30 already. If it lost its value as time goes by, the option to buy levels or just bang out as many as you can ingame would seem more worth it.

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