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A question for Kibbelz


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5 hours ago, Asmodir-DN said:

Can you find out if a member of a group without siel's aura can bring prejudice to the rest?

Thanks in advance.

You mean affect the drop list? You can do the test in normal mobs, go out and kill a few mobs with siel's aura group, then bring one char and kill, then make that no siel's aura char do most of the dps on the mob and check again.

Someone told me the noes with the most dmg affect the drop list. If the mob gets 50%+1 dmg from chars that have the aura then the mob has all drops and only the siel aura chars can loot the green or higher items. If the mob gets most of the dmg from non siel aura chars, the drops are affected by the limits.

BUT I haven't done a test to this.

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