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Can we ban bots maybe?


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can we ban this bots allrdy?they have level 40 till now and nooneban them,for real?


they moving like bots,blocked by rocks,moving in circle, make KS to mobs,they dont give a shit about nothing coz noone ban them.Pls solve this

Names of the bots are Ghjfrhf,Dfgrhh,Lkjhseh,Cjjjjja,Yoyuyod

it gets anoying since they managed to level up till 40 with 5 chars on assist and follow and no ban what so ever.

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They are everywhere. I even see some of the regular players sitting around jairapan island or whatever its called, botting hours and hours and hours. Reports sent, nothing happens. Lmao.


I rifted into asmo territory about 12 AM my time last night and just slaughtered fields of bots farming. (siel)  80% of everyone I encountered was a bot. 

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