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  1. The shadow is there in my 2011 screen shots, and it actually makes chat way easier to read on light backgrounds. It's not a bug, it's a feature.
  2. I just looked at some screen shots I took from 2011, and the chat text had the drop shadow which people here were QQ ing about, and it is more readable with it than without.
  3. "Save the game" from what, Trolls? The upcoming 1.5 patch is mostly L46+ new content. There are not enough mains on IS at L46+ compared to Siel.
  4. Yeah the Asmo ghosts on IS keep ganking me wherever I go in the Abyss, and they keep taking forts, it must be haunted.
  5. All gear in the game is hard to get. Try getting 1000+ silver coins to get L36 armor set and weapon, when the daily quest rewards give you like 2 coins and I think there are 3 daily quests. It only gets worse for the gold coin and plat coin sets. Getting gear atm is absurd across the board. Cheating AP is probably one of the easiest way to get geared.
  6. I just change my chat colors until it suits me. Some colors work better than others.
  7. Wrong. Read up on ethics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethics#Defining_ethics
  8. I don't think so, many purples leave me alone, some even set up a store and chat to me. Then you get others that will chase you down, camp to try and kill over and over.
  9. Yeah I know, it's a real nyerk when you have finished getting all your 50e set.
  10. The ganking by purples is a real problem. There is not much you can do about it, these gankers are basically unethical players, desperate for any AP they can get. There is some AP reward reduction in the 1.5 patch, but it won't discourage them, bad ethics are tough to change.
  11. The poll assumes there is something to recover from, which is a value judgement not everyone shares.
  12. Or they could just not read the forums and play as usual. I am not going to unsub and I think your suggestion is absurd.
  13. It's not about leveling alts on Siel, it's about leveling mains on IS.
  14. It's not bots, it's due to too many toons within radar range at any one time, especially if they are from the other faction eg sieges.
  15. These are good points, certain people will always try to gain in ways that are not what the devs intended. Some of the exploits are fixable, the others like abuse of radar, which requires code, is not so easy to fix. The thing to remember is that at this stage of the game there are limited ways to gain AP. Soon we will have Dredge and hopefully fort instances which I will use as my preferred method of getting AP. Grinding the Abyss is not fund, and I don't do rifts anymore for ethical reasons.
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