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  1. The daeva pass is a distraction, unnecessary complexity inspired by the prestige and lubug quests of Aion 7. The old Veteran rewards system was better, more straightforward, you knew what you were getting months in advance.. The core of the revenue is the subscription and the Quna shop, not the daeva pass.
  2. Oh rubbish, there are more people in Sanctum on Siel atm than the whole of KT. Classic is doing just fine.
  3. There seems to be something wrong with the announcement system, I noticed it yesterday before maint. You don't get the alert pop up on the screen anymore, just white text in the chat window you can easily miss if there is a lot of chat going on, pushing it off the screen.
  4. Aion Classic is several orders of magnitude more popular than Aion 7.9 is in NA. It remains to be seen if that is sustained after the initial 90 day subscription runs out and people have to renew. You might see some people come back to 7.9 I for one, prefer Classic because it doesn't have all the junk they added like bracelets, plumes, gems, Deava skills, having to +15 everything etc. I could go on an on with the junk added since 2009. What it means is Classic can appeal to those people like myself who want to see a clear and simple path to follow for gear progression. Also, Reshant
  5. According to wikipedia, NCsoft have 3,100 staff, I am sure they could find a few hundred to look after bots if the wanted to.
  6. The chat filter is working fine for me, I suggest you read one of the forum threads on how to use it.
  7. That's always the tricky bit. All my toons on DN and KT are Elyos so no big deal. Playing Classic mostly atm.
  8. I remember this kind of problem in Guildwars 1, so the devs introduced anti-farming code. Basically if a mob has been killed more than a certain number of times in an hour it stops dropping anything for a while.
  9. Oh I agree totally, if the candies help all the better. I watched a level 22 bot group farming Kerubs in Theo. and out of curiosity of the rewards, I killed a few mobs. About 200 kinah per mob, which means you have to kill 5,000 mobs to make a million kinah, which is divided across the group. Plus you would need 6 subscriptions to make it viable for more than 1hr per day.
  10. For 1million kinah per account per day from the merchants, or are they hunting the tiny kinah drops from mobs?
  11. Seriously? I have been playing Aion since 2009 and never once had the urge to buy from the kinah sellers, I see them as nothing but a nuisance.
  12. What are these bots doing? I see them running the same mobs over and over again in Theo and other places, but I can't work out the motive. Are they paid subscriptions? Are they just for leveling? Are they farming something?
  13. The smart thing to do would be to not hand in your quests until the next day when your 1hr free Siel's aura is active again.
  14. This advice is incorrect and wont work. Please read this thread on how to do it
  15. It's working fine for me. All I did was take the aionfilterline.dat file which I had working before maintenance, compressed it with zip and renamed it to aionfilterline.pak.
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