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So Aion Classic dropped in japan..


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... and it seems they brought over 3 streamers from first person shooters to promote their game. I have not seen twitch viewership this high on aion before. Not even when NA released their classic (last I checked it was sitting at 20k viewers). Does anyone know the difference why NCjapan is outperforming here?

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OMG i just found the most halarious thing for F2P. Check this out.


if google translate is correct, apparently you only need to pre-register to get the item auto-loot pet and wings. 


Here's a list for how many "balancing" actions, NCjapan has taken to keep servers stable in numbers. Compare that to NCwest


they get an event too.


They also made a wiki SPECIFICALLY for aion classic


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35 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

So, it is true that there are no current plans to implement character creation controls, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't seek to help maintain balance or re-implement controls if it proved necessary. I believe right now the plan is to continue waiting and see how things develop as we're still less than a month into launch.

To ellaborate the difference, NCjapan has done something once a day for 7 days straight. NCwest as far as I could tell on the forums, has only posted on the 23rd and 24th of June 2021. 

Also the event that japan got, only gives 1 x reset scrolls to DC, ADMA or TLABS

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