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For IS-Asmos thinking of rerolling to Siel


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I thought of rerolling asmo IS to Siel, but then I saw the Broker on my lvl 10 character on Siel and noticed everything is quite expensive.  I mainly looked at the silver/gold coin prices.  They're about 14k ea on Siel.  Israphel prices are 9-10k.  Sometimes it falls below to 7k recently.   Mostly due to the low population (low sells...or turnovers).  Prices are low because of 2 factors:

  1. Low kinah injection from Candies due to extremely low population (lowered inflation)
  2.  Items take forever to sell and hold up your broker slots. (low population)


  • Honestly when I made a character on Siel yesterday, I was absolutely surprised and ecstatic at how lively the population is!  One of the first things I looked at were the abyss legion rankings.  Israphel can't even hold a candle to Siels population!  I'd encourage everyone on Israphel to experience this themselves.   And weigh the advantages and disadvant. depending on how much you spent on your Is-Asmo character, price increases, social aspect, competitiveness, and goals.
  • It's much easier to level on Israphel.  This is why I think asmos are lagging behind in siege participation .  Everyone is smart and knows its fruitless to be outnumbered when you're not lvl 50 yet.  So we are focusing on getting to lvl 50.   Resources are not being competed for (quest mobs, essence, etc)
  • Abyss grinding is possible on Israphel.  Depending on the hours, you could be grinding solo for hours on end without interruption.   
  • There's still enough population on Israphel to fill groups at popular dungeons.  The server is still very active with a small population.
  • EXP events grinding is still possible open-world due to low population.  Go try grinding in the abyss solo on Siel during an exp event and last more than 10 minutes.  

For me, it was a nice change of view visiting siel, but I think the majority of players are not willing to discard their first character and classic experience to reroll to Siel and start all over again (*Cough Daeva pass Cough*).  It's contradicting the whole experience.    It's already a month in, and all players who would've joined Aion Classic would've already done so.  The starting areas are empty besides the few alts running around on both servers. 

This could mean no hope for Israphel unless NCsoft West boosts incentives for the current population to stay on Israphel Asmos.  Otherwise, the current popluation will eventually get burnt out on being hopeless, powerless, and outnumbered. 

The situation won't naturally balance things out. 

This needs to be done now or very soon.

This is not a new game release, and most players who would've joined had already done so.


 One funny thing I experienced, on Israphel, its a very small world and PUG groups from dungeons will remember your name and be surprised they grouped with you yesterday.  Its commonplace. I never experienced this before on any other game.  So it's quite an experience.  Like a living in a lively small town and everyone will eventually know you.   So be careful who you nyerk off  

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Idk, as I approach 30, I'm really starting to feel the population gap on Israphel. It's now starting to feel a bit pointless, but I like just throwing on some music and grinding in an empty-ish zone until I'm inevitably ganked.

Will Asmos eventually be able to mitigate against the population disparity by just leveling up? Maybe. But it takes a certain outlook and concept of fun to stick with it (you have to really, *really* want it). That's an artificial "hardcore" experience if I've ever seen one. Those typically don't have the legs to go the distance. 

I wouldn't blame anyone one bit for wanting to see what Siel is like, especially if they're looking for a more permanent place to call home.  But, like the OP says, we are a founder population. Very few genuine newcomers will be joining, and people wanting that nostalgia are already here.

Gonna be an interesting next couple of months for the Israphel classic experience. 

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A live server is better than a dead one, you might find it easier to grind because of no competition but eventually the goal is to have a massive online game. The potential chaos of a more crowded server is giving an appeal.

I wouldn't push anyone to change server, many people love to play solo games so an emptier server might be better. It is just after some time it would get pointless.

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I was thinking of rerolling to Siel, but it's too much of a bother for me to go through all of the "fresh start" again.
I will keep playing on IS. If the population drops to the point of there not being any groups for anything I will probably just quit. Server merge would keep me playing, but I don't have much hope for it.

Aion somehow brings my "mmo junkie" to the surface, but starting fresh is not an option for me. I'd rather play something else.

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