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which class should i pick

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Hello I made a Ranger kind of slow to level for me and made a templar but heard after lvl 20 their dps goes down for solo content.

I mostly want to do pvp and pve content In level pretty solid I want some thing that can handle 2 level above current level and be able to solo Regalur quest 

I should not have to die every time I kill a mob and walk a mile back to corps if some one wants to make a toon with me in get them to level 20 so we can start doing group stuff like dungeons and pvp I'm thinking Mage SM or sorce my be a priest that can heal

Link me in-game name if you want to make a new toon with me in play 

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If Ranger is too slow for you, this might not be the game for you. If you want to keep trying, Spiritmasters are pretty solo friendly since you can use your spirit to tank for you and fears are op for pvp. Sorcs are squishier than Rangers once that stoneskin breaks, which if you don't kite will be often.

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