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After Update Tonight. Game crashes.


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After being kicked out of the game and installing the update tonight I can no longer start the game. The launcher works fine. When starting the game the "NC" animation plays just fine and fades to a black screen then crashes there every time. I tried contacting you via support but your form is broken and won't let me upload DxDiag.txt because it insists there's a problem with my connection.. (there's no problem. I even pinged multiple sites to check for high latency or dropped packets). I was using Google Chrome. So I can't play the game and I can't contact you via your traditional support. 

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4 hours ago, JuggernautBitch said:

Ah. Would be nice if the Launcher would just say so and prevent the game from attempting to launch or the game closing and saying the servers are unreachable instead of a software crash! Thanks for the quick response though. Much appreciated. 

Welcome to the upside-down world mate. I see you are new here so let me tell you a basic rule for forums:

Stop posting suggestions that have common sense, this is a place of insanity, the launcher is nothing more than a few extra steps to login, nothing valuable about it. You can't expect it to show you whether the servers are up or not, that would have been way too convenient and reasonable to ever be thought of, much more to be implemented.

Lets not ruin the matrix.

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