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Fixes / Suggestions For Next Update


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While I'm spending time crafting and dealing with the server lag right now I thought I'd make a thread about things that need to be fixed and things that would be necessary and/or nice to have in the future. This isn't to rubbish the game, I'm really liking classic servers and feel it could actually be a legit 2nd chance for Aion as a game so I want to at least try to add my own input to the direction its going and hear other people's feedback as well.

With the whole release of classic starting over and the news from the board meeting (shoutout Rags/Secrets of Aetria) it seems there is actually a good chance for some changes. For anyone who hasn't heard they announced they'll put 5% of the profits from each game into marketing for the game and they will start making region specific changes to games rather than forcing ever region to get a cookie cutter build of Korea's current path. 

With some of these fixes/changes I think the game could actually be pretty solid and start attracting more new players rather than just relying on the old ones. There are some things in this game you just can't get in any other game as I'm sure everyone else knows well. Especially the pvp and flight, even just the gliding in Aion makes walking in other game seem bland to me.

The list below is all the things I can think of off the top of my head but if people add new fixes or suggestions maybe I'll update the thread to kind of keep track of everything. I think it'd be helpful if people chime in to say anything, whether they agree or disagree, so at least they can see where the community is at and what people want. Anyway, on to the actual changes:

Fixes currently needed:

  • Extreme Server Lag: Fixing the extreme server lag & disconnects that happen at least once a day these last few days. Not just for us current players to keep the game playable, but also for attracting new players we just can't have this kind of thing happening regularly. I've only came back to Aion recently but classic has already been out a month so I feel its about time this gets resolved because I hear it has been happening more than just this last week.
    • Seems to be some kind of issue around the daily reset times maybe? Not too sure this is just what I've been hearing


  • Log-in Issues: Along with that, fixing the issue where you either get stuck on the agreement screen or on the server select screen for a long time or indefinitely. Looking around and talking to people this definitely isn't just a few people but a regular issue. Here is the fix I've been using temporarily but we need a permanent fix:
On 7/21/2021 at 11:35 PM, Mightyzeus said:

Found out what causes it. You have to delete System.CFG in the AION_CLASSIC folder, then open NC Launcher 2 and rescan the game to repair it. 


  • Patch Kinah Exploits: This has already been mentioned elsewhere and I don't want to give it attention to encourage it but these should be patched, currently the Steel Rake one, but I'm wondering if NCSoft kept a list of all the patches they made for exploits in the past so they can just patch them up before they release content up to 2.7 rather than giving us the VANILLA vanilla version


Quality of Life (QoL) Changes From Regular Aion:

  • Partial Purchase in Broker: Patching in the later change where we can purchase partial stacks from the broker. I don't know any big game that doesn't have this kind of feature right now and I think that would be a turn off for new players. It hurts buyers who are low on money and hurts sellers who are limited in how many sale slots they have. I think it'd also be relatively easy to add since I remember being to do that in regular Aion, though tell me if I'm miss remembering


  • Level 1 & 2 Inventory Slots for Quna: I think this is the one BCM addition that is pretty uncontroversial. Everyone benefits from extra space and as long as they are added in pretty cheap most people will buy it and we get more invetory space and NCSoft gets more money, win win.


  • Permanent Pets: I'm not talking about the rubbish p2w pets of new Aion, but the normal pets from Aion with basic functions. For sure the buff and storage pets, though I would also like the auto-loot pets but don't know if that would encourage bots or not. There's always going to be bots anyways and I find the auto-loot pets really useful. Also maybe just add some of them in-game as a kinah sink, like put a merchant in Pandaemonium/(ely main city) so that they can be obtained outside of spending real money. 


QoL Changes Never Implemented (Possibly):

  • Buff/Scroll Time Extensions: Another change I feel like we could use because current 5 min scrolls or things like 2 min assassin poison and the other 1 min buffs that are meant to have 100% uptime are just too short. I'd propose making scrolls 30-45 min like food, either update current scrolls or add new recipe drops in the upper level dungeons for expert/master crafters, but 5 min scrolls just seem too short. For class buffs like assassin basic poison just make them 1 hr and increase the amount of poison used or whatever.
    • I feel like it was longer than 2 minutes on regular Aion but I haven't played in a long time. Even if it wasn't I don't see why not change buffs like poison to a longer duration, its not like sorc/SM shield where you actually benefit from manual casting, its just something you put on and forget...until 2 minutes is up


  • Auto-Queue Crafting/Instant Mass Crafting: Crafting is pretty monotonous to level and it'd be nice to have the feature a lot of other games have where you can queue multiple different crafts at once. For example, if I take 3 work orders then I can queue my character to craft all of work order 1, then 2, then 3 without having to start each one inbetween.
    • Honestly it be much nicer to have instant mass crafting (like over 5-10 crafts) that just instantly crafts the whole stack based on the statistical success ratio of that level. It could be really simple and just calculate off the success rate of the current level and eliminate procs or just also automatically calculate based on the statistical change, it wouldnt have to be an adjusted calculation that factors in levels gained. 
      • The monotony of crafting, while the system is nostalgic, also seems unnecessary and mind-numbing to me. It would make sense if it actually took some skill or money to level crafting but work orders or leveling crafting in general is just a half-afk activity for no reason. Gathering you can do while leveling so it doesn't feel the same way but crafting just feels way too repetitive for leveling even though I like the system.
      • Another option would just be increase the xp gain for crafting up to 199/299 or 399. I'm sure a lot of the current crafters will have a lot to say about this because of the time they spent but I've spent multiple days already doing nothing except crafting myself and I still feel it could use some improvement


***That's all I can think of right now because I've mostly just been crafting like I said but will update if I think of more things as I play longer. And I'd love to hear other peoples suggestions or about any other needed fixes in-game


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Also one more thing, we need the special cube to hold quest items. I forgot how nice that was in regular Aion but it frees up so much space to not have to hold quest items in our actual inventory and it makes sorting so much easier

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