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[Siel - Elyos] The Coven


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Are you into enjoying all the game has to offer with no rushing, and hangout / chat with friends in the process? Come join this brand new Legion i'm starting from scratch, a chill & social little corner with focus on PvE + crafting + gathering - PvP'ers are absolutely welcome too, though. We seem to currently be mostly active NA evenings, although we have a couple members from Europe as well.

Only requirements are:
Be active (don't just vanish for weeks without a word), and respectful - I'd like us all to feel like friends, hangout, chat, be welcoming & helpful, respectful of one another and above all: avoiding toxicity, whether it comes from elitism or otherwise.
 Veterans & newbies alike, all are welcome.
 Adults and maturity are preferred.
 English speaking legion with social focus. Not intending on mass recruitment nor a huge legion size either.

If you want to join the legion, feel free to message me / join the legion Discord & talk to us https://discord.gg/PUv5XXYDnD . Discord is not mandatory but highly encouraged as we have many channels with info, including game news and legion notices.

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