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Stylist Mode


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The Stylist Mode would consist in merging several pieces in one single, skin-only item. For example, being able to merge all five pieces of an old Infinity Shard set that I have, turn them into one single piece, and use it as a normal skin over my current set.

- The new skin-item will have information of all the pieces used to create it. It's only possible to merge five different pieces (i.e, it can only have one Tunic instead of two).

- The "fusion" between the pieces can be undone with the help of some special item that can be either sold in the store (profit), given by event (customer satisfaction) or sold by a NPC (inflation control). By undoing the fusion, the player would recover all five pieces used.

- The skin-only item cannot be recovered after being used as a skin over another set.

This system would help with warehouse and inventory management, especially for players that enjoy keeping several sets for their appearance, since they occupy a lot of space.


Credits to @vihsarys for helping me out with the text/ideas

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