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Skin Extractor at BCM


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Hi! I used to play from 3.5 till 5.0 (ish) I don't even remember anymore. And I recently came back to play with my friends! On my chanter I used to have so many nice skins (like rentus base, prime guard, beritra and some other rare skins like Frozen Aristocracy) and they are stuck on such old gear that NC can't restore them. A few years ago there used to be a skin extractor at BCM and it was brokerable, giving us the possibility to reuse the skins. Now we have the luna wardrobe, but I'm pretty sure it was not available before 5.0 (please correct me if I'm wrong ~so many years ago~). What do you guys think about it? I want to be able to use my old skins! Please bring back skin extractor!

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