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Aion Classic: A Story of Two Parallel Universes


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With the release of 1.9 in Aion Classic KR, there has been no communication to the players of when to expect 1.5 for NA.  If following the timeline correctly,  NA is at least a week past due for 1.5, yet we have not a single word from NCSoft on the upcoming update that alot of people are looking forward to and that can bring a second wind to Aion's playerbase.  Alot of people I know are quitting just because of what little they can do in NA's current patch.  Between the bots and the most recent AP trading issues that NCSoft is reportedly looking into, the game has already turned away a decent amount of players.

@Kibbelz Feel free to chime in on this if you will, but communication is key, and the lack of communication about alot of things in this game is already concerning enough (both past and recent events).  I'm not saying we, as a community, deserve the right to know what's going on about everything, but the community not knowing anything about nothing is whether the player is P2P or F2P.  This game feels like it's slowly dying day by day, and if NCSoft could just share even a tiny bit of information, it could possibly bring a little bit of hope to its players.

Feel free share your thoughts whether you agree or disagree.


TL;DR Version - NCSoft when's 1.5???

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