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I got BAN for 3 days on this message , because I spoke truth about NcSoft


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Games are meant to be a FUN period . Throwing your money through the window is not fun. That's why old school MMO were so cool. Go play EverQuest , Dark Age of Camelot , UO , any nyerking old MMO it was GRINDY , FUN and also EQUAL for everyone. Everyone was playing the same game. Game progression was the same for everyone. 

The F2P model ruined all MMO , it ruined the feeling that we had to feel accomplished by succeeding something that we worked hard on , looting my manastone in everquest after camping 84 hour in a row without sleeping. It ruined the sensation of being only a few to achieve something cool , because now all you need is money and yes they were farmer back then and you could buy off the internet but still P2W wasn't accepted back then , you were turly getting banned for it and the tolerance was ZERO on it. 

P2W acceptance in MMO is about the new kid generation. They want EVERYTHING NOWS , working for a loot ? ptfff nyerk that.

It`s a scocity problem that goes far far beyond video games. It`s from our society , you get kids , you give them the IPAD at 3 years old to buy peace and the result is here , in our games , with the player base that we have. Impatiens people that cannot wait and need everything now. 

See people complain about the next patch , because next patch they'll spend another 3000 USD and then they will complain that there is nothing to do in the game. 

I don't blame the company , I run a company , sometimes you make a decision that you don't agree with yourself but money talks and when the company speaks , money wins, that's our society system.

I completely understand NcSoft on this , Aion is an old rope and they will juice what is left on it , they don't care that you don't like it. they don't care that it breaks the experience for new players , they don't care about AP Trader or Hacker , they just want to squeeze what is left in aion without investing in it. Because if they were really caring , they would be GM in game banning bot , only take 1 staff with FREECAM TOOL to make the jobs done , Why didn't they do it ? because they don't care , they won't hire people for Aion , they will juice what is left of it until it completely dies and then close the server.

Why would they ban a WHALE Hacker  that gives them 3000$ USD for a new player that wants to be happy and have a cool fun progression ? 

Do I agree with PW2 , no

Do I understand PW2 , yes

If I were NcSoft Company would I do the same , yes money talks

So at the ends problems is on our side. 

If nobody would support this model , dont buy the battlepass , dont buy nyerking candies , play the nyerking game like it was design to be.

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Honestly I really agree with you. I remember playing aion when I was younger and when it wasnt p2w. I remember going into IS and being the cubic person and then wiping the whole group and jokingly pushing the blame on someone else. I remember during one anniversary a GM came on and was dropping literal gifts from the sky filled with whatever players requested (kinah, skins, armor, manastones etc.), but most importantly I remember when the game used to be fun and a real experience. It used to create friendships and was truly a break away from reality. I always knew I could log in and there would be people in my legion I could just hang out with, we could gear up together and do stuff. There wasnt a gap between players based around the amount of money they spent on the game. The cosmetics on the bcm were absolutely amazing, and it was a wonderful experience. But now, the game is just dead and I dont fully know why Im playing still (I guess its just to fill the time whenever im bored). The game has gotten to the point where I dont care too much for progression. Within this most recent ultimate transform event I was one duplicate away from combining 12 and I tried to get there, but in the end when I didnt... i just didnt care. Its not like im losing something, because no matter what its just a little extra push that would make me .5% better then those who have put so much money into the game. I am disappointed to see aion go, but there isnt anything to do to make the game better because the current moderators and those who run the game simply dont care. I wish it was different, and I wish it was back in the good ol' 2010 days. 


Anyways.. it was a lot fun while it lasted. I made a lot of good friends, had a lot of experiences, and truly have been developed by those who I was around. But like everything else in this world, money and greed got in the way and for that reason we lost something great that we'll never get back again.  

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