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Idea's for NEW content or modification of old content


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Hello Everyone,


I am currently crafting and have alot of time while waiting for some ingots to be created to i figured i should take the time to share this series of ideas because...you never know?


@Kibbelzfor starters, id like to say thank you from me and the many others [who actually exist] who appreciate what NC has done with aion classic and are happily enjoying it. While we dont have a definitive idea on where aion classic will head [hoping for 3.0 content e.g tiamaranta, sarpan etc], theres alot of debate on what made what era of content the most enjoyable and what exactly that content entrailed.


i think the most confusing of said enjoyable content is what a majority of people say the tiamaranta and future content walked away from or rather destroyed, and that was flight mechanics. Now it has been a very long time for me, but if i am not mistaken, there was little or no content in any of those areas that enabled or required flight. For some strange reason, everyone feels it is this very abandoned mechanic that lead to the dismay of all added content when it headed in a direction that no longer included the abyss. I always found this strange because....in abyss sieges, id say HALF of the actual combat is done on FOOT...all we're doing is flying to a artifact...killing a protector [which can be done on the GROUND] or attacking encamped faction members...who are usually ON THE GROUND...and when your flying during said combat and GET HIT...you eventually end up...ON THE GROUND!. 


For this mechanic or form of content alot of the player base are rooting or defending for, currently it is HIGIHLY OVER RATED. dont get me wrong, flying is fun when its working as intended., but my idea of this form of content is VASTLY different then what is currently available, For example:

Stat/Attribute Modifiers:

There are a few items or stats in game, that i feel are not actually being used to their full or actual potential. The biggest example is flight speed. Some armor sets have ridiculous bonuses on them that make absolutely no sense, for example sets that give a slight bonus to flight speed, flight time, but no HP or cast speed bonus...Putting flight speed into question here and flight time. Most times we are flying somewhere and just using siege as a reference, where we have those flight strength regenerators, and on top of that, we have flight regen potions. Id say most of the time, when we arrive at a target, we usually have half or so wing strength left. the potion will either take care of enough, or you have that wing strength regenerator near by.  Currently, there is no real need to get somewhere "faster" then another group because most times, they are already their waiting. 

Now i do like the idea of faster moving flight, why not introduce content that encourages the use of this. here is one of my ideas:

Instance or FORT requiring 100% FLIGHT

I have thought about this for many years and it came to me when i first saw a dredgion parked outside one of the forts and i thought...it would be SO COOL if you could see daevas flying in real time attacking the dredgion from the outside or the dredgion in real time attacking the fort, circling around it and blasting it with canons, with this in mind:


A Fort, a special one...something that can ONLY go invulnerable maybe once or twice a month. Something that requires the most intricate of planning and coordinating. NO BLOB tactics like you see now and in eve online...but actual planning and coordination. This would also require a change to how the fort is actually won or captured. 

The idea is wether this is a instance, or a fort to utilize 100% flight at all times. This would require either modified flight time, to reach farther distances, or enhanced flight speed to reach specific targets FASTER then the opposing group. The example here is, use EVERYTHING aion has to offer and you can visually see. Those flying LARGE creatures you see in poeta, eltnen or heiron [i have no idea if they exist for the asmos, ive never played asmo], GIVE THEM A PURPOSE. Example here, The fort should have MULTIPLE ways to get inside. The EASIEST way and direct way inside requires a special key. a key that this giant creature ATE and most be destroyed to obtain this key. to make it challenging, this giant flying creature can be spotted ahead of time in real time as it flys around the map and gives both sides enough time to plan their attack. Depending on the creatures location, it can present different situational and environmental challenges. For example and ill use tiamaranta as a point of reference here, if this giant creature is near the bottom right fort [we'll just say it has trees], the creature can drop down below and use the trees and make it harder to hit from the sky, if the creature is near the top right fort, there can be other hostile flying creatures there to BOTH players and the giant creature. if enough of these creatures keep hitting the giant flying mob thing, it can get annoyed and activate a self defense mechanic, a giant shock wave, dropping anything out of the sky and you die...if the giant creature is near the top left fort, that areas aether energy is contaminated and reduces over all flight strength and flight speed thus forcing either faction to try and get the large creature to the ground turning it into a raid boss. if it is near the bottom left fort it can hide under water or lava and re-appear in random spots but arises with a very difficult reflect due to lava/heat damage.

it can be 1 of 4 random creatures. each creature will do different things depending on where it is. now this is ONLY for the most direct route to the dux room in the fort, but it is not the only way inside. The other faction can take into equation, is it worth their time to pursue the creature, or try another way in? Some Forts have a underground tunnel [if you want to call it that...] which serves absolutely NO PURPOSE since you can technically just run past the NPCs or becomes a blob fight between elyos and asmos...instead, keep the idea of the tunnel and turn it into a underground series of tunnels. forcing the opposing group to fight through reinforced barricades that PREVENT any further movement. these barricades would be guarded by NPCS. The controlling alliance/league leader could purchase more barricades or different series of npcs to protect them. The opposing leader  can purchase npcs to help attack or defend once these barricades are taken over. The types of npcs you can buy vary depending on where you are in these tunnels. depending on the route you take, will take you to a different spot leading to the dux. currency to buy such npcs and barricades are provided by killing opposing mobs or achieving certain criteria [capture a barricaded outpost] you can strategically use these barricades and npcs to later slow down or effectively lock out the opposing or defending faction if they are not paying attention.

Another awesome idea is another true flight instance. this one is for a dredgion event. The elyos can choose to temporarily hire or ally with the shugos while the asmos can choose to temorarily hire or ally with the shulacks. The shugos would give elyos access to a stolen [modified] cruiser they stole from the shulacks. The shulacks would give the asmos access to their battleship. each side can use said ships to battle their way in the sky through a series of challenges and eventually fight their way to the dredgion. there are multiple paths you can take, so technically you dont have to fight each other persay, but you MUST be able to overcome the obstacles. obstacles would include things like floating islands, lose floating giant rocks, unstable aether wind pockets, to flying creatures or other potential dangers. the shulack battleship is RAW firepower. massive fire power from its 9 canons. 4 on each side, 1 in the front. it is giant, strong, but slow. because of its massive size, navigating some routes is near impossible to extremely difficult. the shugos stolen cruiser can be modified to handle various scenarios. you can modify it for speed, durability or fire power. this ship has 6 canons. 2 on each side, 1 in front, 1 in back. both ships can take damage but are repairable. the battleship is much more tankier, but takes ALOT of time to repair. the cruiser is much more nimble and is faster to repair but is also alot weaker. both ships can be manually piloted and should be defended.

both sides will have to keep people on the boats to defend it and fly with it or plan to fly ahead of it to protect their ships. destroying the dredgion ultimately ends the scenario and the team that achieves this wins. Destroying the other factions ship doesnt necessarily mean they will lose, it just means it will be MUCH harder since they now will have to rely on flying INTO the dregion and defeating the captain inside. this again also means flight speed would be a necessity as they have to fly to the dredgion before the other group gets there.


These are just a few of many ideas i had that i thought would make aion more interesting. its already a long read so i dont want to further the reading unless people wanna hear more about it. anyway, just a idea


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