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  1. You could give a little attention to Luna's new system, right, it's not easy for anyone to kill 600 mobs a day, imagine for new players. And will take the event that was a week with bug drop ?? what is the logic.
  2. 600 mobs daily. 12 abyssal if dont reset DN-A Status: Daevanion Skill 200m Daev essence 110m happy now mister @MechEagIe-DN ? my question is @Kibbelz u play this game ? are you aware of the difficulty that a new player will have now?
  3. 1° Players will stop to purchase items for progress in your game 2°Game economy will start to die 2° New players never will compete with old players 3° Old Players will stop xP 4° Game starts to have fewer and fewer players 5° Aion will Die. This is the sequence that will happen after this announcement. Good luck to all of us who are going to witness the death of the game.
  4. Will Danaria pay for the rubbish players that Katalam has? Bug abusers, hack and etc? Instead of 400% xp buf, in the 1200-1500 Lunas for this lost week, as we use Luna for Reset and retuning. but I also find it funny to show prints of Luna's items, but love to buy Kinah from people who farm like that, right Mech? joke. Without luna it will kill many things in the game, like stigmas enchants and daev skill, new players will never get +15 skills without our friends from Luna. the fact that one depends on the other.
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