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  1. Siege Schedule Poll

    omg i love you. go go ppl vote !!!
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    if you are more of a GM who doesn’t play, we have 7 sieges at the same time, with this schedule we’ll have fewer and fewer players. u have time to change it
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    WTF do you think only americans play? Why change Siege schedules?
  4. Opening server transfer was a Big Mistake to begin with.

    it will be a relief for the server, be happy with it boy
  5. a help for your GP

    like it
  6. Broker bots

    Hahaha please check Check ip from Nod boys too, alot lunas Farm Will down 😂😂
  7. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    They got a kick in the ass, the worst faction in NA.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 3, 2020

    and abyssal ?
  9. Server Lag on Danaria

  10. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    Hey, Will post patch notes before update ?

    to complain, every time someone regains a full belly. took advantage of the egg event? People with a few accounts managed to collect more than 1000 enchant stigmas.
  12. Guess which server is bugged again?

    KT = Private server.
  13. Heey Reset the DN server too

    only 21 ? have print with 32 =/ ---------------------------------- KT bug again, server with GMs or private server KT.
  14. Farewell Daevas!

    Only good news in recent weeks o/
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 13, 2020

    please support is very slow, tickets taking 3 ~ 4 days to be answered. Don't have enough people working?