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  1. Abyssal Splinter Gone?

  2. Abyssal Splinter / Joker Card Price

    Seriously did you remove Abyssal Splinter without warning? Many players packed with Abyssal Fragment will we be like? Another issue, price of cards with the real situation in the world. Coronavirus(Covid-19) has affected the world's economy, what dream are you living? There are not only North American players, there are players from all over Central / South America, why do they never think of us? You still have time to fix these big mistakes.
  3. Resetar o PIN

    só você enviar um ticket através do suporte, eles resetam seu pin.
  4. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    Great update. 30 fusions /// 90 Skills and no take other new dp =D i love this game.
  5. Arena reward

    what did we have with luna months ago? skins? The only thing was kinah, and it wasn't because I got what I wanted, because I always had gear up. Now we have to reset thousands of IDDs, Minion Valt, retuning, Mark in instance pve, and there we are seeing more usefulness for Lunas. she shouldn't sleep well thinking about it hahah
  6. Cheater_KT

    normal, Kt players
  7. Arena reward

    do you remember how many enchants was it to come? And now with two gears +15. 4 months later, I can already have a contrary opinion, with so many places to use luna
  8. Arena reward

    won't we have our prizes? Luna >>> enchants
  9. GP BOX

  10. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    after 18 times, i get my first skill. Just bad rng
  11. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    update: 17 fusion skills fail. Total 51 skills lost. @Cyan Don't you think the chance of a new skill should be 100% only with 4 legend fusion? How are we going to enchant them later?
  12. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    upgrading, I'm going to 9 ° fusion. Total 24 skill legends lost.
  13. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    haahhah and Koreans understand pvp? or tested the classes by killing mobs
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    and do you happen to make any difference to your faction? zZZ
  15. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    hmmmm bug