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  1. Hello.

    1- I want to start with the sieges schedule, which should be changed as soon as possible, and remember ALTAR DEMAHA Time 1 hours before than main siege please.

    2- We need free events, that leave at least close to the full p2w

    3- We need more insentives for pvp, this version is all achieved with pve, which kills the essence of the game.

    4- Shop for prestige users, items we have are absurdly high prices

    5- Facilities to achieve transformations, and improvement in the fusions RNG

    6 white = green 100%
    6 green = yellow 95%
    6 yellow = 75% purple
    6 purple = 1000000% = ultimate xD or just 60% its ok.

    6- Again best itens pvp u take with PVE ... omg, need change it with some event or something so you can get with pvp too.

    7- more attetion with players, we are not many anymore, so value those you have well.

    8- change the arena system, players who leave during the time count, lose points too. To avoid the leaves 

    I think this version is so good, need more attetion for some details.

    Ty all.

  2. 2 hours ago, Loki said:

    It will not be implemented this week unfortunately. I'm going to see how fast we can get it changed though. It's more than an on/off switch and I don't want divine to get borked again.

    omg :( will it take too long then, nothing about the schedule of the Reshanta portal? @Loki

  3. 3 hours ago, Tiffany-DN said:

    You want them to get rid of broker bots? They can start by ip banning metalphantomevil

    Hahaha please check 


    Check ip from Nod boys too, alot lunas Farm Will down 😂😂