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  1. Just now, Hellish-DN said:

    Nenhum GP deve ser dado para arenas, uma vez que os sistemas de recompensas da temporada são fixos, então cada um terá seus próprios sistemas de recompensas, eles devem ficar separados.

    for seasons it would be better still and fairer.. 

    New governor inc xD i will miss aioroz <3 

  2. excuse me but, Who does not play shugo console nowadays? is a perfect program that only changes the zoom of the game, help of more mainly ATs that the camera lives glue in the "in my ass".

    is a program without any harm and without any interference.

    9/10 vídeos in youtube players using shugo console. 

  3. On 19/03/2019 at 5:51 AM, Xoth-DN said:

    very nice.  I assume someone with around 219 ms ping cannot play AT to an efficient level correct?

    Also, how do you keep shifting your views so quickly?  When i use my mouse with my right hand this way, i end up looking all over the place?  Do you just use your left hand for all your skill keybinds?

    Sup, ty for reply.

    Then i just use keybinds in all skills, few times use right side mouse. And for play with AT max 175 ms ... i'm 159~165 ms.