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  1. excuse me but, Who does not play shugo console nowadays? is a perfect program that only changes the zoom of the game, help of more mainly ATs that the camera lives glue in the "in my ass".

    is a program without any harm and without any interference.

    9/10 vídeos in youtube players using shugo console. 

  2. On 19/03/2019 at 5:51 AM, Xoth-DN said:

    very nice.  I assume someone with around 219 ms ping cannot play AT to an efficient level correct?

    Also, how do you keep shifting your views so quickly?  When i use my mouse with my right hand this way, i end up looking all over the place?  Do you just use your left hand for all your skill keybinds?

    Sup, ty for reply.

    Then i just use keybinds in all skills, few times use right side mouse. And for play with AT max 175 ms ... i'm 159~165 ms.

  3. This update of the rates and the Morph system were excellent, but we can leverage and improve the game's economy by putting at least Legendy Stones to sell the broker. It would save game economics, because it remains very hard for news players and people who have not taken advantage of kinah's 5.8.

    Releasing at least the legendy to sell in the broker, would facilitate the advancement of the game in the matter of PVP. (Goal is to stay Ultimate).

    GP System: We can go back to the old GP system, 1200 or even bigger. This current 800 is very easy to keep in rank and with this we do not have an exchange of people in rank, we can give everyone the chance to get nice rank and remove people who do not influence anything in xform.

    Remembering we have a fort exchange. One day Asmo. other  day Elyos., everyone can make the necessary GP amount.

    Remember again, have BUF Siege, all can take GP.


    Ty all.





  4. 4 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    But anyway, I don't think anything will get done with tomorrow's maintenance. We already know for a fact that the Luna box bug won't be fixed until NEXT Wednesday's maintenance because Cyan said so. That kind of says that they're not doing much tomorrow. I hope I'm wrong though.

    Exactly, with this lunatic excuse only on the 16th, already shows that they are not respecting the players and that they did nothing tomorrow. 

    It's sad to be abandoned by the staff of this game.

  5. I'm glad most people think like me, we arrived on the day that will be 1st maintenance after the holiday season. Cyan yes said that after this period they would start to solve the problems and yes it is my right and everyone wants it for now, today is the big day or changes or we will have a big drop of players on the server.

    Thanks all. 


    And @Aly-DN, wake up man. You're the one who still stands for this company, that treats you, me and everyone like as a "nothingness"

  6. I and many friends, we are waiting for this day to almost 1 month, the day would be the perfect time for a patchnotes.

    According to all the information that Cyan has given us, in the patchnotes of 1/8 would be the date we will have information about the game's rate and improvements... 

    Enough of paying attention to a mobile that will probably fail in less than 6 months...

    We want answers ...

    we want attention

    we want respect


    If we do not have answers tomorrow (1/8) the population of the game will be reduced once again, I do not say this by my opinion but the majority of the people who are tired of suffering without a game development, stopped in time because it can not put a item +15

    So be careful what you post tomorrow, remember that we are united against this abandonment that you gave to the game

    Ty all. 

  7. 9 hours ago, Cyan said:

    Hi there, 

    I've got some answers to some questions here for you guys. If something isn't answered it's likely that we're still in discussion internally. In no particular order...

    1. We've discussed the Transformation system feedback with the developers. While the system is largely here to stay, we're working to make the Transparent Transformation Contracts more abundant as well as a few other options with the devs to hide the appearance of a Transformation without using a scroll. We don't have a final confirmation yet but we will let you know when something is more certain.
    2. We currently have no plans to adjust the fees for using the Broker but may be slightly adjusted in the future.
    3. We're aware that GP gain is at a stand still and it's impossible for new players to achieve the GP set by the higher ranks. We're formulating some plans with the development team but nothing concrete yet.
    4. The PvP arena schedule is something we will be looking to adjust as more content becomes available.
    5. Item acquisition spam (X Legendary from Frozen Monolith for example) is something we will be requesting from the development team to tweak. 
    6. We do know that a lot of the Luna items were removed. Some of these items are still strongly desired such as storage cabinets and we're making a request to add those functional items.
    7. A Permanent mount is something we will be discussion be added to the game. Feel free to share any suggestions you may have.
    8. Kinah being storable in the Warehouse is something we've seen requested quite a bit. We will discuss it with the development team to see if it's possible to have it added.

    As I said, this isn't a comprehensive list. We're also working on bringing enchantment adjustments as I have stated in prior posts. Continue to share your feedback. Also please don't bump posts for the sake of bumping as it's against the rules here on the forums :p. 

    Thank you.

    @Cyan Had 30 unanswered questions and you want more feed? What is the difficulty in passing to your superiors, since that is all you can do so far, that we want improvements in enchant primarily to REDEEM the players who have stopped by that. 
    Are we going to have any news about tomorrow's maintenance? Will it improve the rate? Improve way to get enchants, improve the price of shards, seriously we completed 1 month and 2 weeks of 6.2 and so far we do not have shard with fair price. W T F

    The more delay, the more lack of interest, the more illusions said is more players stopping again, from players giving up playing, from players looking for other games ... sorry for my outburst I know you have nothing to do with what we went through, but we want attitudes for now, at that moment, as soon as possible, nowwww


    ty ;)