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  1. Nearly 3 months later and still nothing. It's become almost impossible to play. I only have one free inventory spot because I'm afraid to add anything into my collection for fear of losing my old progress and then anything new not being incorporated into it. I don't want to delete items I could be adding into the collection either. I really want my old progress back so I can add all my new progress into it. 🙁

  2. In the days leading up to the server merge, there never was any clarification as to what was going to happen to the Item Collection stats.  Even the FAQ lacked information. I saw some people say they think they were going to possibly merge them, or just move them over. I had a bunch of stuff I had spent countless hours running instances, farming Timeless and AP collecting put into those window tabs. The night before the merge I took some screenshots and a video scrolling through my windows. I didn't get to collect as much as some other players I know, but I still put effort into it for whatever I could finish.

    The day after the merge, after I updated my client, I logged into the game to check what happened. My whole Item Collection was deleted and wiped! I have nothing in there anymore. 😢I sent in a ticket to support and they told me I should just check the forums. I don't see any other posts, so I made this one. 

    Did anyone else lose their Item Collection?


  3. 8 hours ago, Viseris-KT said:

    @KibbelzJune 6 is a Sunday if i'm not mistaken, so unless you have started ending events on sundays its unclear whether the Battleground Support Event end next week or the one after that, information that some might find important.

    Something they keep continuously neglecting to mention when they post these kinds of events is that the [Event] Lugbug window section usually resets on Mondays, not Wednesdays.
    It's always a guessing game every time they activate the event window to see if my progress will stay until Wednesday's maintenance or disappear on Monday.

    Hey @Kibbelz , maybe in future you guys can specify to players which day the event window resets?

    The best thing to do is take the reward as soon as you unlock it. I've learned this the hard way by losing items too many times from numerous past events. (RIP to my reset scrolls, tokens, shards, the list goes on....)

    This window of May 12 – June 6 seems accurate, because after the Sunday night the event window is... well actually I don't know if it'll just disappear, not reset or maybe stop working. We've never had this time frame before. It just resets on the Monday and we have to rush to finish everything before they remove it later with maintenance. But hey, with all the typos they've been using on their pages lately, maybe it is just another one.😉


  4. 14 hours ago, Viseris-KT said:

    So the Selection part has now evolved to mean selecting which random thing to get. The transformation is random, and the skill is random, and you are not even seeing the skill until you get it?

    The boxes for runestones and gemstones have always had some form of RNG involved ever since they started selling them. Runestones bundles are on their own higher level of  RNG.

  5. 19 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    So they give random rewards, is there a choice of what skill they boost or what "colour" you get etc?

    I put links in the spreadsheet so you can see which boxes/bundles have which types/skills inside, you'll just need to click a few extra things to get to it.

    For the Runestones, if you follow the links on the bundles and scroll down it lists the unique skills that they can have and the %

    This video is helpful with showing which skills the gemstones have: 


  6. 13 hours ago, BGP said:

    6400 bundle isn't worth it unless you buy x3 and get the selectable prime runestone/dazzling box.

    the 2k runestone bundle: choose between attack/boost/support bundle->open to get a random prime xform type runestone corresponding to the type of bundle you chose. (reroll x3- x1 refining stone->x2->x3)

    the 2k gemstone bundle: Contains shining OR dazzling for your class type. color can't be chosen and it's all random.

    same reroll cost as the runestone bundle.

    Thanks for explaining it. Here is a visual to help. The Gemstone salvage does not have an extra bundle to select, it goes straight to the box with 3 reroll tries.

  7. This post is for you to understand what's inside them!

    I've heard of too many people messing up with the store bundles because it really isn't clear what's inside the new boxes.  I wish the details were clearer on the BCM. You literally need to refer back to the chart on the event page to get the proper names and then try to look it up online to see what's inside.

    I made a spreadsheet to help narrow down all your searching. Everything has links so you can further explore the contents.

    The 6,400 coin big bundle is very RNG and doesn't let you pick anything from inside.  When you open the box, it gives you something right away.
    Both of the 2,000 coin salvage bundles are RNG, but with 3 reroll chances to help with selection. Reroll 1= Costs 1 Refining stone, Reroll 2=Costs 2 Refining stones, Reroll 3= Costs 3 Refining Stones.

    I recommend using Chrome browser for easiest translations for some of the pages. Here you go~


    Feel free to point out any corrections or ask any questions.


  8. It's possible it had to do with the Windows Update from April 28, 2021—KB5001391 Microsoft's webpage says "Known issues in this update System and user certificates might be lost when updating a device from Windows 10, version 1809 or later to a later version of Windows 10..."
    I asked around to some B&S players, and people said the launcher closing like that is a connection issue. The internet you're using is not being supported/recognized by the official launcher somehow. The best fix they came up with, after resetting your internet connection, is to disable the 
    IPv6 setting on Windows 10. Try that. 


    On 5/1/2021 at 2:39 AM, TrueCommunityHero said:

    Hello aion community.

    I come here with great regret to communicate and share a recent experience I had with aion, I recently created a topic about the great scandal that we were or are still in the state of the current game, fortunately the topic created a great indignation in the community making the ncwest team acting like it or not, because let's face it the game is slowly dying both from the lack of team and the lack of interest from the team in the players of their own game, so I come to my second topic of conversation.
    The topic I mentioned unfortunately backfired, you ask me, did you have a paragon +15 all this time? You're dumb? 
    The answer is no and maybe for both questions. How is this possible? You ask me, simple ... I bought a paragon +7 from the broker exactly 6-7 days ago, a chromablaster to be more precise, yes, a paragon +7.
    I paid the total of 3b500m, which I think is the fair price for a weapon that is equal to or slightly worse than its equivalents.
    I wrote a ticket to ncwest asking if the weapon has been restored so that I could try to enchant it until it breakes and restore it with my token, the response was the standard saying that the weapon was eligible for restoration but that I didn't have enough tokens.

    As you can see, ncsoft itself investigated the weapon as soon as I bought it, which leads me to think that there would be nothing wrong with it... I was wrong.

    3 days later I received an email from ncsoft claiming that I participated directly in a known exploit of the game, and that by investigating logs my account would be PERMANENTLY suspended, I obviously appealed to understand the reason, explaining that if it was because of the weapon in question I did not know under any circumstances that the weapon was the source of an exploit, after all I would have no way of knowing, unless it was a paragon +10 above which we can agree that anyone who buys a +10 weapon in the broker knows that it is not something common.

    The response was standard again, investigated and reviewed at the highest level and decided to maintain the permanent suspension without a right to reply and any ticket I sent could be passive to ignore and remain unanswered.

    Now comes my questioning and sadness at the same time, I played aion from the beginning of the Ereshkigal server, and spent from there until now more than 50k $USD in total on my account, counting prestigious events, expansion of cube mounts pets and everything else

    I have never had ONE SINGLE suspension on my account, with a clean and worthy record according to the EULA and TOS, unfortunately ncsoft didn't want to know, initially due perhaps to my own topic, wanting to show service to the community no matter what the consequences. 
    Yes I am one more in the statistics table to report to the players that the work was done, now I ask you, how far is it fair to go to "punish" those who received or bought any item from the subject who initially the exploit started, or it wasn't an exploit and ncsoft is doing what it can to cover up some GM involvement, since my tickets and PM's for loki himel and kibbelz were ignored.

    To summarize, do not spend anything on this game if possible, enjoy it in a free to play or casual way, because no matter how much you are a valuable customer, they do not care about you.

    Sincerely, CommunityHero.


     What exactly are you trying to achieve from posting this? Warning people that no matter how many credit card swipes they do, you could still get banned? Warning people that they should be less stupid with their decision making? What can the community do for you exactly? Nothing we post will change NC's mind and there are too many trolls on forums. From the way it looks now, most people on this thread agree with you being banned.

    I read this all and I just can't follow your thought process. Why would you buy anything paragon related when you know  that weeks before issues had surfaced? You said it yourself "1 week ago, maybe 2 weeks ago there were a wave of paragon..." You never thought to ask other people for advice before buying? Was it even worth it?

    On 4/21/2021 at 1:08 PM, TrueCommunityHero said:

    Hello @Kibbelz @Loki


    1 week ago, maybe 2 weeks ago there were a wave of paragon +10 items on certain characters, most of them were not legit like in some topics posted here in the general discussion.

    We would like an answer or investigation about the source of those items, the lack of transparency with the community lead us to think people are freely abusing game exploits or support service once again.


    Please look it up, paragon +10 is not an easy doing and should be easy to track who has it and how it was obtained, game is broke already and free paragon +10 gear/weapon would break it even more, we as community deserve this kind of request.


    Thank you.

    What exactly have you done to try and prove that you actually are caught in the middle? Posting on forums isn't going to help clear your name. You made yourself look stupid. Having hope isn't going to lead to anything but time passing by. There's no screenshots, no videos.. only mention of emails and typing. Lack of dates, lack of details. It's not going to be up to them to just check logs. Looking and seeing are two different things. You need to do the work for them because they don't even understand what they are looking at most of the time. Be your own accountant and show them what the numbers/information they see actually mean. Show them (not us) your Paypal records, discord messages, screenshots. Whatever it takes if you really want to fight for those pixels you invested your time into. The longer you wait the less effective it'll be.

    So we have a little time line started. Keep filling it in for yourself.

    April 21/21 you posted the
    alert thread about paragon stuff
    April ??/21 you bought the paragon weapon from broker for 3.5b from who?
    April ??/21 you sent them a ticket asking if it's been broken before
    April 26/21 you got a
    reply from the GMs that your weapon would be eligible for restoration if broken
    April ??/21 you got banned
    May 1/21 you posted this thread

  10. 20 hours ago, Luffy-KT said:

    @Kibbelz @Hime Aion 7.9 is coming, when will it arrive?

    My guess is May 12 or May 19 at the latest. 😃


    9 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

    We'll have news to share on this within a week or so!

    https://www.aiononline.com/news/hungry-hatchlings-returns ends May 12.
    https://www.aiononline.com/news/rainbow-snake-returns ends May 12.
    https://www.aiononline.com/news/garden-of-growth-returns ends May 12.
    https://www.aiononline.com/news/april-minion-promotion ends May 12.
    https://www.aiononline.com/news/picnic-panic ends May 12.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    On the character appearance/creation screen, hit the print screen button. it'll take a screenshot and it should automatically save a screenshot and the preset in the aion screenshot folder and appearance folder.

    Someone did a screen share and it seems the path on the folder it was targeting wasn't in the right spot. The saves weren't loading properly because of the wrong target. I don't know why Aion has a folder in C/AION and a folder in ProgramFiles/NCSOFT/Aion.

    😄 After changing it to this Path it finally worked:


  12. Can someone please give me instructions on how to save a character's appearance? It's not working for me and I don't know why. Years ago, I remember being able to just press save on the customization screen and then was able to load the saves and use them easily. I don't know what I'm doing wrong this time, but I'm tired of wasting time trying to figure it out and getting nowhere. I tried looking it up online and haven't found anything that's helped. People I've asked say it should be easy to do and that I'm stupid for not being able to get it working. Someone out here must know something. Thanks!

  13.  Guess they forgot again 

    On 1/8/2021 at 7:23 PM, Kibbelz said:

    Contaminated Underpath will be disabled for a period of 1 week, from 1/13 until 1/20.

    For the past several months, the team has been hard at work investigating the general instability on Katalam, which has frequently caused NPCs to lock-up and prompted us to restart the servers outside of maintenance on a weekly basis.

    At this time, we believe we may have identified a cause behind the issue: the extreme usage of the Luna instance Contaminated Underpath. In order to investigate this further, we must temporarily deactivate the instance for a period of one week, from 1/13 until 1/20.

    We are aware of the impact this will have on Daevas’ experience and Luna materials, so we will be adding the following:

    • Existing Luna drops in end-game instances will be increased to 5x the current amount for 1 week, from 1/13 until 1/20.
    • A +200% XP boost (3x normal XP) will be applied for 1 week, from 1/13 until 1/20. We recently shifted our plans from a single, larger short-term boost, and will now soon roll-out the following:
      • Starting this January 23rd and continuing for the indeterminate future, double XP/AP weekends are coming to Aion! From 00:00 on Saturdays until 23:59 on Sundays (server time), players will earn double XP and AP.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this causes. If this test yields positive results, we will implement some changes to the instance with the goal of reducing its overall usage and impact to service stability.


  14. December had always been the most festive and looked forward to time of the year in Aion.  After waiting and hoping for something special this holiday season, I feel very let down once I saw the posts. By saying "Let down" I'm putting things nicely. We've had so many bad events in a row. Why can't we finally have something exciting? It looks like most of the feedback on the forum share the same opinion.  The way things have been lately makes me think that they want us all to quit so they can finally close the game. 

    All the amazing rewards from https://www.aiononline.com/news/solorius-shenanigans were never added. This is a lump of coal for our server.

    The best loved snowball event has finally reached an all time low with the copy/paste reward list from last year. https://www.aiononline.com/news/frozen-magic-2020 vs. https://www.aiononline.com/news/frozen-magic-event-2019

    Even the minion promotion that we were all hyped up to get has been made super pay to win. $75 per Rank A Lvl 4 minion. Plus a random S rank reward after spending, with more spending if we want to try for the version we need. https://www.aiononline.com/news/minion-promotion 


    For once I will be spending my Christmas bonus on something else this year. 

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