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  1. I dont mean to be rude, but I think anyone can see that Aion is not a game or something that NCWest even cares even a littttleee bit about. At this point its just a cash grab, and theyre just seeing how much profit they can make before the game officially gets shut down. The Devs have shown no care in making the game a better environment, kibbelz made some posts when he started but now it seems they come on to the forums to post the weekly maintenance but other then that theyre gone. And even so, sometimes they dont even do that. I mean last week we didnt even get a maintenance post. I seri
  2. Just focus on doing the Qubrinerk's Monster Cubic Lab, and then for the plat... thats a little bit more difficult.
  3. I so agree with this. And they should also put skins back on the BCM....
  4. Ill be the first to admit im a bit of a hoarder, but it would still be nice to get some more space. I currently have like 4 storage things in my studio, two inventory pets and yet I am still capped out in them all. Im just saying, i feel expansion cubes should be a reward. Im sure theres plenty of players, especially new ones, that dont want to spend like 500m maxing out their inventory. And idk if this is entirely true, but didnt they lower the amount of space you can buy with kinah? Like after 4.
  5. Just wait a little bit, dont worry. In a week or so youll probably be able to buy full ulti geat +15 and a ulti contract selection box for 15,000$. But jokes aside, the number 1 thing to get, in my opinion, is Prestige. it allows for a lot more capabilities. Also, dont forget to get all of the tansformation key stuff whenever theyre up. And the other free stuff!
  6. It seems when they dont have any like new event changes or any changes we need to know about they just dont even post one. They love us that much!
  7. Is there any way we could possibly get Expansion Cubes as a not super rare event reward? I mean personally right now is the cleanest my inventory has ever been and im at 122/126. And does anyone else have issues with their special cube filling up? Im currently at a whopping 120/102 space in my special cube.
  8. You know what I’m FURIOUS about.... i read through the entire rewards, and i get to the VERRRY end of the Solorius Shenanigans Event.. and what do i see? [Event][Emotion Card] Snowman (1 day) I mean come on NCsoft.. this is too far now. A One Day emotion card?! And there’s not even a motion card in this entire event?!! Where’s the skating!!!! overall though, this entire event seems to just be for skins. The changes of getting any decent rewards seems to be low, and not really important for end game players. It seems the only reason to participate in this event is
  9. I feel like the BCM is the way for NCsoft to say like "hey, were not trying to rob you of your money... see were not putting a lot of stuff on the BCM to sell you!" *then puts up an event that sells a full set of pvp and pve gear for 20,000$.* But in reality, the BCM is the one place where people are glad to spend money and there's no complications between p2w and f2p players. I remember when the new summer skin (i forgot what it was called) came out earlier this year, and no one that I spoke to about the skin knew what I was talking about because of how dead the BCM no one even checks for new
  10. Because NCsoft doesn’t do anything against it. ESPECIALLY if you’re heavily p2w.
  11. The point of Aion Classic is to bring back the nostalgic old times, and bring back that original player base that will then integrate back into the current game. Well, that’s the idea of it. KT is dying and DN is dead (at least on elyos side). Combining the servers will create more players in maps like Inggi but that’s it. There won’t be a change in the players in Katalam or Danaria, or Lakrum. There will be the same amount of players, just all in one server. Aion classic is supposed to be the way to bring back a MASSIVE group of players. The original players. And have them get back
  12. Hello there, i was just reading an article about the Immortality Drive. And could someone please explain this to me (look closely at the drive). Why can NCsoft send something to space, and not maintain a living game. I’ve never seen or heard of NCsoft contributing to this.
  13. The next event SHOULDDDDD be the Christmas snowball event, if they follow tradition. Lord knows how the rewards are gonna be though. Normally they’re not too bad, but with how NCsoft has changed over the last year it’ll probably be like you get one free snowball once for this entire event and if you want anymore you can buy 3 off the BCM for 8000 BCoins, and there’s about a 25% chance to get to lvl 7 :D And we won’t get a response. We’re just thrown to the wolves.
  14. Honestly, i didn’t even read the heading I just saw the title on the homepage, haha. And im Pretty sure we’ve had a thanksgiving event before. 80% of the time, yeah NA just does whatever KR does. But at the same time, NCwest has reused events. Like I don’t think KR got the Halloween event we had, but we also have had that Halloween event several years ago. And even if it wasn’t Thanksgiving specific, just decorate sanctum and give us an event that is easy and gives amazing rewards. I don’t care about the specific event, i like good rewards and easy events. Like, workin
  15. I don’t think they’re entirely Black Friday sales. They’re not labeled under anything with Black Friday and the first thing they say on the post is “It is the Season of Thanks.” I do agree that we should of gotten a thanksgiving event though. We had a great Halloween event, this could of been a great time to give us another good event. We may not get a decent event until the Christmas one comes around, and even with that one lord knows what they’ll give as rewards. i haven’t logged into the game in like a week and haven’t felt any need to, since there’s nothing to do. I mea
  16. Are you really complaining? When has NCsoft ever released a survey on time... and if they do normally its late in the day. Just wait.
  17. Gonna be honest, I didnt read through most of the posts so I dont know what others have said. But I main a sorc for pve, but at the same time do really like the pvp aspect. In my pve set alone, Im able to 1v1 anyone whos not in ulti pvp, and also several people who are in ulti pvp. But, as sorcs are very strong, theyre also very weak. The sleeps and CC available to sorcs is extremly helpful in pvp BUT only if used properly. Just like any other aspect in the game, pvp requires skill. And on sorc, more skill is required for PvP then PvE. Anyone can nuke some mobs, but in pvp you have to learn w
  18. It seems like a nice event, Ill actually be able to finish my sorc and chanter's stigmas now.
  19. @Vantheria-DN Ive been MIA from aion and the forums for a few weeks. Youre normally the first to ask, have you discovered the look of "[Event] [Motion Card] Rest in Peace?"
  20. When are the surveys coming? I still havent got mine yet.
  21. The survey is to compensate for all the players who didnt get the transform, and to just make the community happy. This is what we need
  22. The NPC was taken down for two reasons. One, is that players got the free transform. And two, the price on the NPC was wrong.It was 30 instead of 50.
  23. I mean... come on let’s just call it what it is. This shows the entire motto of the NCWest Company. They’d rather delete 300 transformations (and lord knows, poor guy that has to do it. I highly doubt Kibbelz Loki or Hime is doing it), then give a box to everyone and have an easy solution. Nothing about this is easy, they not only have to delete the contracts, but lord knows how many complications are going to come up with the people that bought contracts... and on that note, let’s be real. NCsoft may not even delete anything off of their accounts because they combined it and spent mo
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