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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    I recently got the green Gold Can xform but no luck getting the Brown Bunny yet. I really want it too for the extra Healing Boost
  2. event already a failure

    Yes but they ARE legion warehouse tradable. you're welcome
  3. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    Lowering the broker fee's would be exactly the boost shot so desperately needed by the game economies. But it's just not going to happen. Aion Devs landed a massive blow on gold sellers by making kinah untradable and hiking broker fee's/commission. These new adjustments allowed NCsoft to effectively wipe out a huge chunk of their competitors for revenue, and in theory shifting that revenue back to them selves. Sounds fool proof on paper. But the in game economy is dying, consumer confidence is depressed, everyone is scared to list items on the broker while items on luna and bcm are unjustifiably expensive. If you think about it... Aion 6.0 has basically become a communist style economy which is ironically being driven(off the cliff?) by a capitalist company.
  4. In Memory of Instagib

    Such sad news to read this but thank you for letting us know. I'm sorry for your loss, and my thoughts go out to you and his family. Montey
  5. Pumpkin King's Haunt Event Reward & Instance List

    Where's the event NPC's gone?? We were in TS group and the pumpkin was missing. Then LFG blew up saying that the event NPC's were removed! Not happy, I had 13 pumpkins and enough reset scrolls to get me 20 by maint. My legion mates hadn't even had a chance to log on yet. They're gonna be so salty
  6. @Cyan Is the snapshot complete? Is it safe to move plumes/bracelets to our alts now?
  7. I'd like an answer on this too. There's three possibilities. 1. The left over 10mil Kinah is deleted, no Gold Ignots are given out and no new Kniah is given out (Most probable but less ideal). 2. The left over 10mil Kinah is deleted, no Gold Ignots are given out and we are given a pro-rated amount of new Kinah (Fairest option). 3. The left over 10mil Kinah is deleted, no Gold Ignots are given out and the left over Kinah is given back in new Kinah 1:1 (Unlikely but ideal).
  8. Ahh yes of course! derp
  9. @Cyan Is this snapshot related to kinah and essence cores or only armour/weaps/acc's?
  10. The non-conversion of standard scrolls is blatant theft. What a joke! #communistalert