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  1. The lag is getting worse

    Glad to hear it! I'm from Tassy btw. I actually used Battleping for years, it worked great until about a year ago when it turned to rubbish. Shame cos I did like that BP came with two licenses which meant I could play Aion on my 2nd pc. But I'm super happy with Exitlags performance. Make sure you google for Exitlag promo codes as they're always offering 20% discounts. I think Syvo has one on his youtube still.
  2. The lag is getting worse

    Well, I'm in Australia and believe it or not my ping has never been better. Prior to the 7.5 patch, using Exitlag's proxy, I was getting 220-260ms which is a little higher than what I'm used to but put it down to the fact that everyone's alt and their dog was logged in for the AFK events. But I first noticed the sudden (yes, sudden) improvement when I was playing a few hours before the 7.5 maint occurred. My ping had dropped to a consistent 200-210ms and my skills felt really smooth again. I assumed it was because most people had logged off due to the incoming maintenance. But since the patch has been released, my ping has stayed at a consistent 200-210ms... What I have noticed though is the old 'Ely' or 'Asmo' type of lag is happening again, as it used to happen in the much older patches. Does anyone remember this? It happens when you're moving around the map and you feel a sudden 'jolt' of lag. It used to be a telltale sign that another player, usually from the other faction, is somewhere within 100m from you. And the more people you run into, the bigger the jolt. But to be honest, this is only a very minor issue for me. I know Exitlag offers a free trial period. I'd be curious to know if Exitlag improves/fixes people's lag issues.
  3. loyal stormwing egg

    LOL! Dude.. Please, just stop. I had to log in just to say how moronic you sound right now. Honestly, whenever I've read these forums, so often I see you spouting utter nonsense, quite often calling out other people for complaining about legitimate concerns. Props to the people who do their best in keeping a straight face whilst answering you with logic. Actually, At first, I thought you were trolling. But now it's obvious you're missing a chromosome or two. The funny thing is that you didn't even read the rewards page! Then PRESUMED you'd be given an ultimate contract!! Then decided to waste more of your apparent precious time on the forums to complain about wasting your time in-game!!! Classic Thanks for the luls, mate. All the best with your future endeavors.
  4. Fixed. Gee I wonder why the guy who bragged about having x2 Kaisinels since May last year wouldn't want other people farming leg contracts!
  5. Anniversary Coin every hour problem?

    Same issue as above. 569478343 gagillion minutes til next coin. So confusing. It really feels like a crapshoot if I'll get a coin or not. Sometimes I do! Sometimes not. I'm just staying logged in and /pray for good coin RNG
  6. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    @Cyan Magic defense has been incorrectly renamed to magic resistance in the transform collections stat titles.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 31, 2019

    I hold little hope anything in this game can be fixed by NCWest I'm still patiently waiting for them to revert the changes to cleric skills after they imported some dodgy version of 6.7. Blessed Shield and Amplification used to stack but now each buff overrides each other (no mention of this in any of the patch notes). Have you also noticed clerics taking ages to res you or your group? Well, Loci and normal resurrect skills also stopped being affected by cast speed buffs and gear. SO painfully slow to res people now. I rarely even bother if a SW or chanter is in my group. Again, no mention of these changes anywhere or in any patch notes. But, at the time, NCWest was getting slammed by the fact enchantment rates were also reverted, meaning small changes like this were overlooked and never fixed. So now we're all probably dealing with similar quality of life changes in our classes, which were slowly added to NA over the course of years, removed suddenly because our publisher didn't have the foresight to predict such changes nor the ability or perhaps care to undo them. The fact we can still be kicked from EC is just another result of an unfixed change from said dodgy patch. Meanwhile... Borunerk’s Coin was "fixed" last week so that we can only use 1 coin at a time... Yay thanks! I wonder if anyone else noticed, but the coin was ninja updated this week to now be called "Bobonerk's Coin"... Priorities.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Inb4 they reduce it to 10 Luna a day when additional character slots are added! PS it's spelt "Borunerk’s Coin". Be sure to give credit to the useless sod who decided to nerf opening Bcoins.... seriously what a pain in the arse move this was. Not even sure what you're talking about. The game never used more coins than it was supped to. It always gave an error saying I didn't have enough XP to use the coin.... reverse this pointless change ASAP.
  9. I've tried the middle and right hand lanes on several toons but no drops yet. Anyone else have any luck?
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    I recently got the green Gold Can xform but no luck getting the Brown Bunny yet. I really want it too for the extra Healing Boost
  11. event already a failure

    Yes but they ARE legion warehouse tradable. you're welcome
  12. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    Lowering the broker fee's would be exactly the boost shot so desperately needed by the game economies. But it's just not going to happen. Aion Devs landed a massive blow on gold sellers by making kinah untradable and hiking broker fee's/commission. These new adjustments allowed NCsoft to effectively wipe out a huge chunk of their competitors for revenue, and in theory shifting that revenue back to them selves. Sounds fool proof on paper. But the in game economy is dying, consumer confidence is depressed, everyone is scared to list items on the broker while items on luna and bcm are unjustifiably expensive. If you think about it... Aion 6.0 has basically become a communist style economy which is ironically being driven(off the cliff?) by a capitalist company.
  13. In Memory of Instagib

    Such sad news to read this but thank you for letting us know. I'm sorry for your loss, and my thoughts go out to you and his family. Montey
  14. Pumpkin King's Haunt Event Reward & Instance List

    Where's the event NPC's gone?? We were in TS group and the pumpkin was missing. Then LFG blew up saying that the event NPC's were removed! Not happy, I had 13 pumpkins and enough reset scrolls to get me 20 by maint. My legion mates hadn't even had a chance to log on yet. They're gonna be so salty
  15. @Cyan Is the snapshot complete? Is it safe to move plumes/bracelets to our alts now?