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  1. I dunno why everyone is only getting this issue now. This 404 error plagued me for over a year. I always used Exitlag so assumed it was to do with this. I noticed that BCM would load for a short while after first loading your account. I never timed it but I'd say after about 15ish mins of being logged in you run the risk of getting this error. A small workaround, which always worked for me, was to simply visit an instance server eg. Katalam or a pvp instance. This would always allow me to access the shop again without restarting my client. Though after another 15ish mins the e
  2. I'm from Tasmania, Australia (yes, the home of the Tazzy Devil) and my ping with Exitlag, prior to the change was a stable 195-210ms. (Without a ping reducer the game is literally unplayable due to wild spikes). Now, still with Exitlag, my lowest ping was 234ms but sits mostly around 250-260ms in low populated areas and sits close to 300 in heavily populated areas. I mostly enjoy pvp and considering my high ping and no ulti xform i think i've competed relatively well. But in truth, with the only exception of the 5.xx patches, I've never felt so discouraged to play... It's a sham
  3. I was looking at the list of Collections and noticed that only Sovereign's gear is listed. I wonder what about Skyflame gear? Does anyone know if NC will rename this gear before the new patch or does it mean I and many others will need to refarm ultimate pieces and re-enchant them?
  4. It's nice to see some acknowledgement of these issues, thank you. @Kibbelz I would like to ask in regards to the Titan drop nerf that you also take a look at the open world cubic drop rates too? I could be wrong and maybe someone here already knows(?), but I'm guessing we're also sharing the same droprate for cubics as Kaion? Clearly this also would put NA players at a dissavantage in comparrison.
  5. I'm not surprised but they also forgot to re-add the Aetherforging event recipes. Grats to elyos, another week of exclusive Minion Vault.
  6. This is not a glitch or exploit. As people have stated, it's simply people reaching a very high point on the map and gliding... What most people forget is that Gelk/Ing are recycled maps from 2.xx days and back then, maps were much more 'liberal'. Compared to 6.0 til now, we've had maps with invisible walls everywhere which I recall a lot of people complaining about. I get the point of the person making the post. But what I would say is that it really doesn't affect you if you're helping to kill the Fortress Deity. Because you will still get the same relative contribution as your faction
  7. Well, since KT didn't need to be reset last week, for the first time since the issue began, I'm still betting on the fact the SAS is the cause of the NPC's becoming bugged. I mentioned in another post, that in the minutes leading up to the 7.5 patch maintenance, SAS and it's NPC's were removed. Since then, every week, around the same time, progressively happening earlier and earlier, the NPC bug occurred. Unless it's because someone figured out how to carry the +15 abyss weapon outside of the instance
  8. I thought SAS was the maybe the cause of KT's NPC bug issue. I remember In the hours leading upto the 7.5 patch, the instance and it's NPC's were removed. Since then, NPC's became bugged in the hours leading upto maintenance, progressively happening sooner and sooner each week. They removed SAS mid last week and we didn't get NPC bugged until much much later on maint night, just before siege infact. They're probably testing to see if a whole week without SAS in-game fixes the NPC bug issue. Either way, hopefully they can sort it out ncsoon, cos like others, I need my XP and im g
  9. Glad to hear it! I'm from Tassy btw. I actually used Battleping for years, it worked great until about a year ago when it turned to rubbish. Shame cos I did like that BP came with two licenses which meant I could play Aion on my 2nd pc. But I'm super happy with Exitlags performance. Make sure you google for Exitlag promo codes as they're always offering 20% discounts. I think Syvo has one on his youtube still.
  10. Well, I'm in Australia and believe it or not my ping has never been better. Prior to the 7.5 patch, using Exitlag's proxy, I was getting 220-260ms which is a little higher than what I'm used to but put it down to the fact that everyone's alt and their dog was logged in for the AFK events. But I first noticed the sudden (yes, sudden) improvement when I was playing a few hours before the 7.5 maint occurred. My ping had dropped to a consistent 200-210ms and my skills felt really smooth again. I assumed it was because most people had logged off due to the incoming maintenance. But
  11. LOL! Dude.. Please, just stop. I had to log in just to say how moronic you sound right now. Honestly, whenever I've read these forums, so often I see you spouting utter nonsense, quite often calling out other people for complaining about legitimate concerns. Props to the people who do their best in keeping a straight face whilst answering you with logic. Actually, At first, I thought you were trolling. But now it's obvious you're missing a chromosome or two. The funny thing is that you didn't even read the rewards page! Then PRESUMED you'd be given an ultimate contract!! Then decided to wast
  12. Fixed. Gee I wonder why the guy who bragged about having x2 Kaisinels since May last year wouldn't want other people farming leg contracts!
  13. Same issue as above. 569478343 gagillion minutes til next coin. So confusing. It really feels like a crapshoot if I'll get a coin or not. Sometimes I do! Sometimes not. I'm just staying logged in and /pray for good coin RNG
  14. @Cyan Magic defense has been incorrectly renamed to magic resistance in the transform collections stat titles.
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