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  1. (Above image is from my huge huge webpage documenting all non-player, non-item skills) https://aioncodex.com/us/skill/277/ Deals 10 million magical fire damage on up to 110 (enemy or friendly?) targets within 20m of yourself. https://aioncodex.com/us/skill/282/ Deals 10 million magical fire damage on one enemy within 40m. Cannot be resisted. https://aioncodex.com/us/skill/424/ Deals 10 million magical fire damage on up to 110 enemies within 20m of yourself. Cannot be resisted. Loki did 2,340,000 damage on Cynical-KT. Loki is an Assassin, which the class have 90 Knowledge. If the skill's tooltip indicates damage, it would show a tooltip damage of 9 million on Assassins. Loki has less Magic Attack than Cynical-KT's Magic Defense. PvP Damage Reduction is 26%. All level 76+ players have 100% Classic PvE/PvP Attack/Defenses. 10,000,000 * (90 / 100 + 0 / 1000) * 0.26 = 2,340,000 GM Shine Transformation: For 10 minutes, transform to something. You have +200000 HP and +3.0 movement speed.
  2. Katalam bugged again

    Bugged NPCs Sanctum: Polyidus, Teleporter Exalted Path Teleport Statue Obliesk Telemos, Soul Healer Ice Cream event NPC Kaisinel Academy Teleporter to Balaurea Inggison: Inggison Illusion Fortress Windiel, Siel's Messanger Aethercraft Naerty, Teleporter Lugbug, Mission Manager Obelisk Hodirunerk, Trade Broker Lionel, Medicine Quartermaster Tigorse, Aetherforging Design Merchant Kaunas, Crafting Material Contributor Gellius Plinius Tillen (Inggison elite quests) Vodus, Scribe Darecia, Legion Warehouse Alonis, Titan Coin Special Consumables Officer Titan Coin PvP and PvE Weapon Reward Officer Titan Coin Accessory Reward Officer Shattered Abyssal Sprinter entrance Inggison Outpost Primeth's Forge Entrance Veille, Kaisinel's Agent Undirborg Lower Udas Temple Entrance Angrief Ruins Silentera Canyon Entrance
  3. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    Fixed that in the handwritten document. I overlooked that part while compiling the changes from the script-generated web page.
  4. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    The skill base damage, not the tootip damage, is what net physical/magical attack are calculated on. For physical attacks, the POW stat isn't even used at all, so the tooltip damage is lying. Take off most of your gear such that your Physical Attack + PvE Attack < 11k, and go hit any level 80 monster to see how much damage you do. It would be (skill base damage * 2). Aion Refly damage calculation formulas For example, Blazing Requiem has 4337 base damage, and Songweavers have 100 Knowledge, so tooltip damage is the same as base damage. If the Songweavers enters flight mode (+10 Knowledge), the displayed tooltip damage gets increased to 4770. However Magic Attack stat is still calculated on the 4337 base skill attack.
  5. I reach Demaha renown level 9!

    Attended nearly every altar siege, but in a guild alliance so all the mob renown are shared among all alliance members. In the past week missed out most of the 12:00 sieges though due to family lunches outside. Limited Edition-KT isn't have a great time capturing Altars, so a couple Altar legion quests per week at most. Didn't get to do Legion mining quest very much... When you run out of quests you can also farm Regatus Drakans (300 base renown, monsters stats are nearly the same as a regular common mob, only bit more HP). The Patrols (not the Sentrys) drop magic crystals too. The level 9 Demaha renown ultimate manastone boxes are account warehousable and brokerable. The level 9 renown ultimate stone coupons cost only 1 XP mark and has a weekly purchase limit of 10.
  6. I reach Demaha renown level 9!

    Got hit with double weekly renown deduction, thank goodness it has been temporarily disabled while NCSoft devs working on the fix Demaha repeatable renown quests, monster stats, renown XP chart, renown shop list, limited sales, Demaha treasure box contents
  7. Katalam Server bugged again!

    Bugged NPCs: Inggison Soul Healer Lugbug Camps teleporter Mailbox Ordnance quartermaster Minium Vault Entrance Cloister of Kaisinel Teleport Statue SAS SSS ASA AAS Silentera Canyon entrance Gold Sands Shop Sanctum Teleporter Soul Healer Obelisk Cloister of Kaisinel Teleport Statue Griffoen Teleporter
  8. Stats for Xforms Enhanced by Runes

    Consumable item skills details (Warning: big web page) - transformation effects can be found here For transformation effects, search: Legendary Trans_Grade_04_SKill Transparent_Grade_04_SKill Ultimate Trans_Grade_05_SKill Transparent_Grade_05_SKill Values in brackets are additional added effects per added skill level. Transformation enhancements do not affect movement speed, attack speed, and cast speed. For runestone unique skill effects check out this page instead Rune Level + Slot Bless level Skill Level +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 +8 +8 +10 +9 +12 +10 +14 +11 +17 +12 +20 +13 +23 +14 +26 +15 +29 +16 +32 +17 +35 +18 +38 +19 +42 +20 +46 Keep in mind of the grinding success rates.
  9. Spreadsheet Please share your event crafting and bundle opening attempts here! Spreadsheet initialized with posts from this thread
  10. Keep the renown reduction change

    575.8k weekly renown deduction for levels 5 and above are too much If you earn 1.15M renown per week, with that deduction it will take twice as long to level up renown past level 5 If you earn 864k renown per week, with that deduction it will take 3 times as long to level up renown past level 5 Note: weekly renown deduction for levels 8 and 9 are not known at this point, because I reached level 8 only after the weekly renown deduction was temporarily disabled
  11. 7.5 Part 2 deploying to Taiwan on 2020-07-28

    TW deployed 7.5 [part 1] about 2 weeks before NA did
  12. http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=3492 Chingish translations are done by myself [變身] Transformation 1. 追加新的變身。Added new transformation 終極 艾萊修奇卡 Ultimate Ereshkigal 攻擊速度 Attack Speed +55% 施展速度 Casting Speed +50% 移動速度 Movement Speed +100% 治癒量增加 Healing Boost +80 命中 Accuracy +378 魔法命中 Magic Accuracy +378 物理暴擊 P. Crit +331 魔法暴擊 M. Crit +331 PvP 追加攻擊力 Attack +472 PvE 追加攻擊力 Attack+180 PvE 追加攻擊力 Attack+180 提亞馬特 Tiamat 攻擊速度 Attack Speed +55% 施展速度 Casting Speed +50% 移動速度 Movement Speed+100% 治癒量增加 Healing Boost+80 命中 Accuracy +378 魔法命中 Magic Accuracy +378 物理暴擊 P. Crit +331 魔法暴擊 M. Crit +331 PvP追加攻擊力 Attack +180 PvE追加攻擊力 Attack +472 PvP追加攻擊力 Attack +180 2. 追加新的收藏。Added new collection 艾來修奇卡軍團 物理/魔法暴擊傷害 P/M Crit Damage +20 提亞馬特軍團 物理/魔法暴擊傷害 P/M Crit Damage +20 跑來狩獵 物理/魔法暴擊傷害 P/M Crit Damage +40 [戰鬥支援] Combat Support 1. 新增自動戰鬥支援功能。Added auto battle support system - 透過戰鬥支援開始/結束按鈕可啟動自動戰鬥支援功能。 - 戰鬥支援開始/結束可在「環境設定」→「按鍵設定」→「功能」進行設定。 - 透過戰鬥支援設定按鈕,可以設定技能、恢復等戰鬥支援相關功能。 - 透過戰鬥支援統計視窗按鈕可以確認戰鬥支援中,獲得的道具和分數等資訊。Through the battle support stats window buttom can confirm battle supporting, acquired items and points etc. - 戰鬥支援統計即時反應,戰鬥支援結束的情況,標示的資訊會初始化。Battle support stat instant reaction, combat support ending situation, displayed information will reset - 死亡、搭乘、飛行移動等不可戰鬥的狀態下,將自動解除戰鬥支援功能,且不能啟動。Death, riding, flight movement etc. cannot fight situtation, will terminate battle support system, and cannot activate - 小隊/部隊等組隊狀態下,不能使用戰鬥支援功能。Party/Alliance etc. formation status under, cannot use battle support function - 戰鬥支援功能啟動時,進入邀請小隊/部隊區域時,不會受到小隊/部隊的邀請。 - 戰鬥支援功能啟動時,小隊/部隊等邀請變更為拒絕狀態。When combat support activated, party/alliance invitations are auto declined - 戰鬥支援功能啟動時,變更為角色固定視角。 - 特定怪物和 NPC為戰鬥支援功能鎖定對象外。Specified monsters and NPCs are excluded from battle support function target - 總共可以設定5個技能,在技能視窗(K)中,拖曳技能即可登錄至凹槽。Can set 5 skills, in the skills windows, drag skill to the skill slot - 恢復道具可以依照剩餘HP/MP來設定使用,拖曳物品欄裡的恢復道具,就可以登錄至凹槽。Recovery items can follow remaining HP/MP to set to use, drag item from inventory to register to slot - 欲優先選擇任務怪物的情況,優先選擇任務怪物進行戰鬥。If prioritize quest monsters enabled, priority select quest monster to battle - 選擇自動販賣雜項物品的情況,物品欄是滿的狀態時,自動販賣雜項物品。If auto-sell enabled, if inventory full, auto-sell junk items - 選擇經驗值萃取機自動使用的情況,若物品欄有戰鬥經驗萃取機道具,經驗值最高等級90%以上時,將自動進行經驗值萃取。XP extractor auto usage, if inventory has combat XP extraction tool, if XP > 90%, XP extraction used automatically - 透過小小軍團設定按鈕,可以顯示小小軍團情報視窗。 2. 戰鬥支援結束後到重新開始為止,變更套用冷卻時間為3秒。After battle support is stopped, cooldown of 3 seconds before it can be activated again 3. 戰鬥支援攻擊目標中排除稻草人。Battle support attack target ignore Training Dummies [副本] 1. 痛恨的瑪那卡勒那(困難)新增第二個命名怪「狂暴不滅的奧理薩」。Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Hard) added second named monster "". Can acquire starlight martial/magic feathers 可以從「狂暴不滅的奧理薩」獲得「光之碎片戰鬥/魔法羽毛」。 2. 修正部分副本的AP獲得量。Changed some instance AP acquisition 3. 調整部分副本的經驗值獲得量。Adjusted some instance XP values 4. 修復「痛恨的瑪那卡勒那(困難)」 第一個Boss召喚體偶爾出現未消失的情形。Fix Infernal Drakenshire Depths (Hard) first boss summon occasionally fails to disappear 5. 在「隱藏的小小軍團倉庫」守護星方向出現的「小小軍團倉庫黑商」,變更為不在固定的位置出現。In "Minium Vault" Templar direction's "Minion Warehouse Black Shop" changed to random location appearance 6. 修正「塞內克塔」Boss怪物「艾萊修奇卡」的部分模式。Fixed The Veilenthrone boss monster ""'s certain modes [道具] 1. 修正部分武器的外型在戰鬥狀態下無法看到的問題。Fixed certain weapon's appearance cannot be seen during combat mode 2. 新增2種極強強化石包裹和強化石再分解箱子相關製作法和8種研磨石/淨化劑粉末箱子相關製作法。Add 2 crafting recipes for paragon enchantment stone bundles and enchantment stone dissolution boxes associated creation methods, and 8 crafting recipes for grind stone / purification powder boxes 3. 變更部分卡達爾蘭名聲商店的販賣物品。Change shop lists of certain Katalam renown merchants 4. 部分飾品和羽飾變更為可以套用隨機選項,且可進行再調整及選擇再調整。Certain accessory and feather can now have random (Re)tuning - 現在持有的飾品和羽飾在最初再調整時,再調整相關工具提示顯示「???」。Current processed accessory and feathers when beginning again adjustment, further adjust associated items display tip "???". 5. 新增4種奧迪石/古文石製作法。Added 4 Gemstone / Runestone creation method - 使用奧迪石/古文石碎片和傳說強化石可以製作。Using Gemstone/Runestone shards and legendary enchantment stones can create 6. 「營養滿分菇菇」的增益效果變更為可以刪除。"Highly Nutritious Mushroom" added effect can now be removed 7. 追加新增可強化艾萊修奇卡、提亞馬特變身的新古文2款。Added new runestone transformation effect enhancements for the 2 new transformations 8. 修正有部分項鍊的特效會從角色的背面看得到的現象。Fix certain accessory special effects would appear from character's back occurance 9. 英吉森、柯克馬羅斯地區內,調降「帝坦鑄幣」和「帝坦鑄幣碎片」掉落機率。Decreased Titan Coin (fragment) drop rates from Inggison / Gelkmaros 10. 合成「帝坦鑄幣碎片」成為「帝坦鑄幣」的「哈布丘隆」 NPC將會生成在英吉森、柯克馬羅斯地區。Combine "Titan Coin Shard" into "Titan Coin" NPC will be born in Inggison , Gelkmaros area 11 追加新增「狂暴不滅的奧理薩」。Added cubic for the new IDD boss - 新的魔方塊可從「怪物白金魔方塊包裹」和「貴比琳魔方研究所」獲得。New cubic can be obtained from "Monster Platinum Cubic Bundle" and the Cubic Research Lab 12. 名聲獎賞官所販售的「次元沙漏包裹」道具,變更為無法代售。Hourglass bundles purchased from Renown merchant are no longer brokerable 13. 修正「怪物白金魔方塊包裹」道具提示說明。Fix "Monster platinum cubic bundle" item description [技能] 1. 修正「技能卡片」機器人強擊」技能施展的期間輸出的效果 。 2. 古文技能當中「攻擊:範圍傷害」、「攻擊:追加傷害」技能修正成不觸發暴擊。Runestone skills "Attack: Area Strike" and "Attack: Additional Damage" will not longer make critical hits 3. 修正部分技能的提示說明。 4. 精靈星的「召喚:小隊員」技能變更為不能在要塞內部使用。Spiritmaster "Summon Group Members" skill can no longer be used in fortresses 5. 修正治癒星 「交感治療」技能的提示。 6. 變更各職業的技能和古文技能效果。Changed various class skills and runestone skills effects 7 修正雙重盔甲技能被錯誤標示在守護者技能視窗的情形。 8. 修正「(上升) 貫通波」技能的特效可以顯示。 9. 修正治癒星奧迪石技能「麻痺強擊」機率性造成傷害1的現象。 10. 修正弓星守護者技能「破裂連射」的2次傷害,機率性造成暴擊未被套用的情形。 [任務] 1. 新增1種自動戰鬥支援教學任務。Added 1 auto battle support tutorial quest 2. 修正天族任務「刮起的考驗」相關怪物沒有重生的現象。Fix Elyos quest "" associated monsters not respawning situation 3. 修正套用特定增益時,若完成任務,獲得錯誤名聲點數的情形。Fix certain specified benefits, if quest completed, acquired wrong renown points situation 4. 修改盧格布格的任務。Change lugbug missions - 追加新的每日任務,將部分每日任務變更成每週任務。Add new daily missions, change some daily missions to weekly missions - 追加新的每週任務,刪除部分任務,變更每週任務的內容。Add new weekly missions, delete some missions, change contents of weekly missions - 修正部分盧格布格任務的任務名稱。Change some names of lugbug mission [NPC] 1. 調整英德爾地卡、貝魯斯蘭地區部分怪物的道具掉落機率。Adjust item drop rates of some Inggision/Gelkmaros area monsters 2. 英吉森、柯克馬羅斯區域登場的隱藏怪物找尋功能修正為無法使用。Inggision/Gelkmaros hidden monsters can no longer be located using /where command 3. 消滅下列區域的怪物,可以獲得的道具中新增極強武器/防具箱子和戰鬥經驗提升藥水。Killing following monsters from below zones can acquire iteming new Paragon weapon/armor boxes and battle XP increase potions - 拉科魯姆、迪馬哈、英吉森、柯克馬羅斯、席蘭泰拉迴廊、紅色卡達爾蘭 Lakrum, Demaha, Inggison, Gelkmaros, Silentera Canyon, Crimson Katalam [要塞戰] 1. 調降守護神將部分技能的攻擊力。Lowered attack power from some attack skills of the Deity 2. 所有要塞戰中可以獲得的獎勵變更如下。Lowered all fortress battle acquirable rewards - 調降PVP 貢獻度比率。Decreased contribution from PvP - 下調作為2等成功獎勵可獲得的名譽點數。Decreased Glory Points of grade 2 victory rewards - 下調作為失敗獎勵可獲得的名譽點數。Decreased Glory Points of loser rewards - 上調守護神將個體的AP獲得量。Increased AP from the Deity - 下調內城門/外城門的AP獲得量。Decreased AP from outer/inner gates - 下調一般個體的AP獲得量。Decreased AP from ordinary bodies [環境] 1. 修正部分迪馬哈祭壇的鐵柵欄不用破壞就能通過的情形。Fix certain Demaha altar gates can be passed through without being destroyed situation 2. 修正部分地形。Fix some terrains 3. 部分要塞附近地形不能設置奇斯克。Around certain altars, Kisks can not be installed 4. 調整英德爾地卡、貝魯斯蘭地區部分怪物的等級和數量。Adjusted level and quantity of certain Heiron and Beluslan monsters 5. 調整部分在基地出現的怪物名聲點數。Adjust renown points of certain base monsters 6. 修正有時守護神將大戰不會進行的情形。Fix sometimes deity where big battle will not occur situation [名聲] 1. 修改名聲獎勵商店內販售的道具。Adjust shop lists of renown merchants 2. 名聲獎勵商店的每週限定初始化時間,變更為每週一的中午。Weekly purchase limits of renown merchants now reset on Monday 12:00
  13. Lakrum Guards

    The closest you get would be Silentera Canyon elite mobs... HP 2,418,855 PDef 11,209 XP 5,152,638 FEXP 184 DP 720 But comparing to Lakrum fortress NPCs in 7.2 and before: HP 698,444 PDef 9,998 MDef 9,998 XP around 6 million
  14. Farming EXP Mark

    Ariel/Azphel transformation contract: XP Mark extraction cost: 175,000,000 XP Cost per transformation shard: 15 Shards needed to combine: 100 Total XP required to create 4* contract: 175M * 15 * 100 = 262,500,000,000 XP Compared to 5.x: Lvl 73 to 74: 94,992,815,400 XP Level 74 to 75: 162,596,142,000 XP Total XP required for level 73 to 75 in 5.x: 257,588,957,400 XP Total XP required to create 4* contract > Total XP required for level 73 to 75 in 5.x !! Many renown level sales are extremely overpriced