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  1. Aion black hole event

    Vandal / Painter's Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity skill has internal name of PA_Dark_DrawingBlackhole_G3 (Asmodian) or PA_Light_DrawingBlackhole_G3 (Elyos). They summons Black Holes on the ground! The Black Hole NPC has internal name of Pa_N_Dark_DrawingBlackhole_G3_NPC. The Black Hole uses two skills: Pa_N_DrawingBlackhole_Pulled_G3 - Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity Deals 2400 Physical Damage Inflicts "Pull" Snares the target by 90% AOE: 10m circle, max 8 targets Pa_N_DrawingBlackhole_SkillATK_G3 - Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity Deals 3400 Physical Damage Additional +10000 damage vs. Asmodian Daeva, Elyos Daeva AOE: 10m circle, max 8 targets
  2. Crucible Spire: How different classes are performing (Week ending 2019-10-02)

    Statistics for the season ending 2019-10-16 now available
  3. Suggestion about I.B, I.D and Kamar @Cyan

    Players who are not acceptably geared for PvP should NOT attempt to join any premade groups. Use "New Group" entry to form an auto-team. You can already buy Fighting Spirit Fragments from the broker. Search for "conqueror". Be mindful of average number of fragments extracted for each type of items.
  4. Demaha Fortress Siege

    Balaur has won at least 2 Demaha sieges on KT so far...
  5. New T2 Pandora Gear

    Base Stat Same as Physical Attack Physical Defense Magical Attack Magical Defense T2 Legendary Crafted Weapon Damage HP MP Accuracy Magical Accuracy Block Dodge Parry Shield Damage Reduction T2 Ultimate Crafted Enchantment effects: T2 PvE Ultimate
  6. This is Sailor Galaxia. Don't ever fail her, or otherwise you will die. Guaranteed. Expect very heavy gear checks (full ultimate T2 +15 PvE equipment all properly manastoned, including +15 crafted PvE weapon) for any group trying to fight Sailor Galaxia. There is another boss that have to be defeated after killing Galaxia.
  7. Click here for US English client text changes Various combat strings (Some of the STR_SKILL_SUCC_* strings) between two other combatants have been messed up. Needs to be fixed For example, [%SkillCaster] inflicted %num0 damage on [%SkillTarget] by using [%SkillName]. Has changed to You inflicted %num0 damage on [%SkillTarget] by using [%SkillName]. These are not attacks I made, yet the newly updated strings are saying I performed these attacks? Affected strings (Please fix): STR_SKILL_SUCC_BackDashATK_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_DashATK_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_DeathBlow_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_MagicCounterATK_INTERVAL_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_MoveBehindATK_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_NoReduceSpellATK_Instant_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_ProcATK_Instant_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_ProcATK_Instant_Ratio_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_SignetBurst_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_SkillATKDrain_Instant_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_SkillATK_Instant_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_SpellATKDrain_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_SpellATKDrain_Instant_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_SpellATK_A_TO_B STR_SKILL_SUCC_SpellATK_Instant_A_TO_B Upcoming Content More strings update for future Demaha event. Click here for Traditional Chinese client text changes New strings mostly for NA content (Returning Heros Event, 40 Fighting Spirit Fragment bundles) translated into traditional Chinese.
  8. Crucible Spire: How different classes are performing (Week ending 2019-10-02)

    And poor Gunner class... A pure attack class that couldn't outperform the Bards... And the least popular class in terms of Crucible Spire participation. Single target charging attacks with stage 3 damage in the 4000-5000's... The Vandal equivalent deals 9750 damage!
  9. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    I don't think that has anything to do with network latency. More likely it would be local processing lag (CPU / GPU) so a network tunneling service would probably not help.
  10. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    Since 5.3, the Aion client should normally remove the g_chatlog entry from system.cfg whenever you: Starting the logout timer Change servers between Standard, Fast Track, or Instance servers Logged out of game (to character select) Aion client closed normally The next time you start Aion client without g_chatlog enabled, the chat logging should be disabled and the chat.log file deleted.
  11. Cake Drop buff does not increase Demaha Magic Crystal Drops by 50%

    And applies to Lakrum too. (No Prestige Pass) Without Drop Buff (713 eligible mobs) With Drop Buff (303 eligible mobs) Ancient Magic Crystal 35.1% 39.6% Legendary Magic Crystal 10.8% 16.2% Ultimate Magic Crystal 7.2% 8.3%
  12. Crucible Spire: How different classes are performing (Week ending 2019-10-02)

    For the week ending 2019-10-09, 3 Vandals and 1 Spiritmaster cleared Floor 24. (around 0:00 server time on maintenance day) For Vandals, one of their most overpowered skills is Chromatic Wrath, which deals 2326 physical damage every 0.35 seconds. That's like continuously spamming Chanter's Mountain Crash (2031 physical damage, 30s cooldown) at a rate 3 times per second! Chanter's physical attack skills have low damage. Consider getting a Magic Attack set, activate Blessing of Wind, and start weaving right away...
  13. Crucible Spire: How different classes are performing (Week ending 2019-10-02)

    Sorry for not being able to compile the statistics for the week ending 2019-10-09. Was rushing to get the weekly stuffs done as much as possible. Sorcerers, Spiritmasters, Clerics, and Vandal / Painters (lesser extent) have skills that deal damage through summoned NPCs (SM Pets, SummonSkillArea, SummonServant), with massive conditional % damage bonuses (+650%-900%) against Elyos Daeva and Asmodian Daeva. These are not mentioned in the in-game skill descriptions. For some reason, Crucible Spire mobs are considered either Elyos Daeva or Asmodian Daeva (even if they don't look like such) thus these skills deal massive extra damage against them. Spiritmaster with Pets Vandals (+10000 flat damage against Elyos and Asmodian Daeva for summoned NPC attacks) Cleric Servants Sorcerer SummonSkillArea spells Notes: These summoned pets do not have +100% PvE Attack (Classic Stat) that players do, so they effectively deal 3.75x damage (most SM pet attacks, Sorcerer SummonSkillArea spells) to 5x damage (Cleric servants). Note: Vandal +10000 flat conditional damage bonus is not affected by Physical Attack. Crucible Mobs are not considered Player Characters thus are not affected by the 200% PvP Damage Modifier on Vandal's summoned NPC attacks.
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bo37hVW8hzTeJL7_GUY6Db7lwmFa2bpYGVp6pAlBFKo/edit#gid=1394242029 As of drop rate testing data up to now, the difference between no cake drop buff and with cake +50% drop buff on Demaha mobs (eligible mobs) are as follows: (No Prestige Pass) Without Drop Buff (949 eligible mobs) With Drop Buff (353 eligible mobs) Ancient Magic Crystal 49.6% 52.1% Legendary Magic Crystal 14.5% 17% Ultimate Magic Crystal 10.4% 12.2% The actual drop rate boost of Demaha Magic Crystals is nowhere close to 50%... One thing changed from 6.0 is that eligible drop mobs can no longer drop two types of Magic Crystals (Ancient + legendary, Ancient + Ultimate, Legendary Ultimate, or all 3 at once) from the same mob.