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  1. Abyssal Splinter Gone?

    They have now returned (as of this post on KT server)
  2. Jumping a toon?

    You can't jump toons anymore as the create level 80 character event was over. These are the jumping toons as the AFK event is ongoing. For both events it is limited to 1 character per account.
  3. Jumping a toon?

    Event page - Hungry Hatchlings - contains AFK component without limits. But only 1 character per account, as the key item is a 0-BCoin BCM item limited to 1per account.
  4. Deava Boost Clarification please Cyan

    This SARS 2 event does not increase proc rate. The +25% Gathering / Crafting exp means you need about 20% less number of attempts to level up Essencetapping / Aetherforging.
  5. Deava Boost Clarification please Cyan

    That means +25% Gathering / Aetherforging proficiency points gained when crafting - for leveling up Gathering / Aetherforging skill levels
  6. Kaluva HP 169,744 Magic Defense 11,209 Rukil, Essence of Light HP 237,906 Magic Defense 11,209 Time Slow [Duration] 6.0 [Usable while moving] [AOE] fireball radius 70 [Max affected targets] 12 attackdelay -95% speed -95% BoostSkillCastingTime -50% SpellAtk Air damage per tick 950 (475.0 DPS, 2850 total) [Tick rate] 2.0 [Effect ID (basiclv)] 10207331 17503 10207283 [Dispel category] DebuffPhy [Magical Active skill]
  7. Songweaver - returning player

    You can buy Ultimate Aureate Sky equipment using legendary Blood Marks. These are awarded from Red (Crimson) Katalam quests. The entrance is at Demeha Stellusia. Ultimate Aureate Sky equipment boxes can give either Fierce or non-Fierce versions of equipment. My records so far The base stats of Ultimate Aureate Sky (fierce or not) is 98% of that of Ultimate Dark Talon. Ultimate Fierce Aureate Sky has same tuning stats as Ultimate Dark Talon. Ultimate Non-fierce Aureate Sky has only 85% of retuning stats of Ultimate Fierce Aureate Sky or Ultimate Dark Talon. Aureate Sky equipments are level 79 so they cannot have level 80 weapons fused underneath it
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 25, 2020

    Farm Lakrum fortress NPCs when the opposing faction controls it. They have low physical/magical defenses.
  9. Unscheduled Maintenance - Is everything reset :)

    Only instance entry counts. (Excluding Luna instances as they do not use the regular instance count system)
  10. missing bra

    Am I missing bra? A while ago between Taiwan and NA's 7.0 release, when NCTW was DDoS'ed, they ended up blocking all IPs outside Taiwans (including Hong Kong / Macau). Those affected who tried to connect to Aion can log in, after the Aion client finished loading, only the background shows without the ToS dialog appearing, then the disconnection message after about 10 seconds. Did PingZapper got blocked by NCWest?
  11. Post your daeva ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Chanter Spiritmaster Templar
  12. No credit from siege

    In sieges, AP and Contribution are 2 different things (I think, based on patch notes) that are awarded from siege NPCs and PvP, similar to XP, AP, and GP, but are not visible from your client. I don't think AP buffs increase siege contribution points gained. In 7.2 patch notes, it is mentioned that Contribution points from PvP have been reduced, and each character must have gained a certain amount of Contribution points in order to qualify for siege rewards. You need to be alive and within the XP/AP/GP share radius of each kill (player, fortress, deity, etc.). Fortness gates don't award much AP but are likely worth more contribution points than PvP.
  13. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    Likely he means NCSoft South Korea HQ, which is in a country being affected by the SARS 2 outbreak. WFH likely for their staff.
  14. Vandal Lasers

    https://maxperiod.github.io/aion/skillcompare/aionskill72avs70/PAINTER.html Vandal lasers critical chance is 10% of normal Vandal lasers now have 2 damage components: Instant Damage, and Damage over time. Anyone saw "Critical Hit! " on the instant damage part?
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    Yamennes have 15,349 physical and magical defenses. Your alts are only good for C grade, which give only a single fragment.