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  1. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    In Lower Udas Temple, there are 5 Pyre Souls that gives XP and respawn approximately 32-36 secs after killed. This is the case in NA, TW, and EU EAS. Feature or bug? Are we allowed to farm XP there?
  2. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    Stigma enchantment rates (Source: Korea NShop) From +7: +1: 38% +2: 2% 0: 12% -1: 48% From +8 +1: 29.1% +2: 0.9% 0: 14% -1: 56%
  3. Gear progression 7.5

    Extreme/Paragon gear are only enchantable with extreme enchantment stones, which requires nigh-impossible Katalam renown level 9 or (even more so) Silentera Canyon renown level 9. In this way you won't be able to accidentally enchant these gears with an ancient enchantment stone and breaking it, so don't think support is going to ever restore failed extreme gear upgrade attempts (as an extreme enchantment stone will be used). (Accidental extraction or inventory sale of enchanted extreme gear should still be valid reasons for equipment restoration support ticket)
  4. New spots for the old instances.

    There are no more Urgent Order quests in Lakrum, so there is less incentive to PK people in there. The entrance is outside the camps.
  5. Bump bump, renown rewards and limited sales added since then
  6. [7.5] Lakrum Repeatable Quests / Area Changes

    bump bump Renown rewards and limited sales added since then
  7. Demaha / Dumaha Crimson Katalam / Red Katalam Includes: Daily Quests (rewards) e.g. Renown / Glory Weekly Quests (rewards) Renown / Glory level sales Monster stats (if known) - HP, Defense, XP, FEXP Limited sales
  8. MR - Evasion set questions

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kV10qBl-DDvE49AGuPyIUQN_i89oRK2wFbWuQ6H4Ymc/edit#gid=1677603707 And for whether a skill checks evasion or magic resist: physical skills checks evasion, magical skills check magic resist https://maxperiod.github.io/aion/skillcompare/aionskill75vs72/
  9. Why is this coming back?

    The new 7.5 equipment, except Infinity / Extreme / Paragon equipment, don't break upon enchantment failures The upcoming 7.7 PvP equipment don't break upon enchantment failures Odian / Gemstones and Runes grinding... Sorta, can still be used, just not enchanted anymore unless purified (Purification costs will keep going up - 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.)
  10. Why is this coming back?

    In around 4.8, there were Daevanion equipment that were tempered (not enchanted), and tempering failure resulted in item destruction Stigma enchantment were introduced in that patch too. There were no stigma enchantment stones, you could only enchant stigmas using a stigma stone of the same skill, and enchantment failure resulted in the destruction of both stigma stones. Failed equipment enchantment on a master server resulted in destruction of the equipment.
  11. Why is this coming back?

    Enchantment rates as of 7.5, including Odians / Gemstones, Rune(stone)s, and Infinity / Extreme / Paragon equipment
  12. Inggison/Gelkmaros and Lakrum normal mobs (level 80) have the same HP/defenses as the 7.0-7.2 Demaha regular mobs. The lower level mobs in Ingg/Gelk have much lower defenses, so new players should farm the lowest level areas as possible to farm their first PvE weapon, then armor. I still need to work on a similar list for Demaha and Red Katalam mobs. But I did a bit of sampling of normal mobs in these zones and found that Demaha regular mobs now have 13,399 defenses and a Red Katalam regular mob now have as much defense as Demaha legendary world bosses...
  13. For 7.2 mob stats comparison: 9,998 PDef / MDef: Mobs in the middle contested column, leader mobs, FM from Nergal 49,365 HP: Mobs dropping magic crystals 380,041 HP: Leaders 5,000,000 HP: FM Nergal 11,209 PDef / MDef: most current Demaha and Red Katalam regular mobs 237,906 HP: regular mobs 764,249 HP: Red Katalam Camp Assassins 2,539,798 HP: elites 3,915,523 HP: Crucible Spire Middle Level Floor 1 13,499 PDef / MDef: Demaha Regatus Drakans and Red Katlam camp bosses 328,779 HP: Regatus Drakans 833,757 HP: Red Katalam Level 1 Camp Bosses 15,349 PDef / MDef: Demaha legendary world bosses and Shattered Abyssmal Shattler Yamones
  14. Why are Cygnia and Enshar removed in 7.5?

    NC writing new storyline (pre-rendered CG movies) to justify the removal of Cygnea / Enshar, which are terrible zones with things spread out with extreme low density and a horrible total linear layout and pretty much totally flat elevations not conducive to gliding. Looking forward to see these maps go byebye. Maybe NCSoft could look toward bringing back Altgard/Veteron and Morheim/Ethnen back, so the low level progress will back to the 3-map format which was the case from 6.0 up to 7.2.
  15. Descrition all off Help @Hime

    For damage skills, your actual damage will depend on your physical attack, PvE or PvP attack, and enemy's physical defense. Current Damage Formulas But yes, some skills description are off. Some examples: [Gladiator] Ferocious Earthquake: Flash step to enemy and deal 1033 damage. Pulls enemy to you. Inflicts strong root (100) for 2 seconds. In-game description misses the latter effects [Spiritmaster] Enmity Swap: Heals for 8,000. Your pet is dismissed. In-game description on secondary effect is wrong Actual skill effects by analyzing game data