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  1. Now waiting to see on how NCSoft is going to change the combat mechanics again...
  2. Don't worry about essencetapping until you reach level 80
  3. Added: Crucible spire HP and defenses. Significant XP from floors 5, 8, 10, and 15! (subject to cap of 20% of a bar from a single monster kill) And wow, in floor 4, the dracunis hatched from eggs have around 25.5k physical attack! Enchanting your PvE armor aren't gonna reduce their damage inflicted on you by much...
  4. Changes with the 7.7 part 2: Dukakis are no longer aggressive
  5. Vandal Skills Vandals lack Physical Attack (stat) buffs beside the DP ones: 500 / 30s: Base 600 (6) / 30s: Custom A 700 / 30s: Advanced Custom A 1,500 (15) / 8s: Custom B 2,000 / 10s: Advanced Custom B And only one small Physical Defense debuff: 200 / 7s: Acidic Color Stack physical defense against Vandals
  6. Let's see: Asmo Gladiator skills Lets look at the magical defense (MagicalPowerBoostResist) buffs gladiators have: 1,600: Defense Preparation (800 Mag Def + 800 PvP Def = 1,600 PvP Mag Def) (Toggle skill) 2,200: (Advanced) Magic Defense (2,000 if not advanced) (Normal stigma) Total PvP Magical Defense buffs: 3,800 (5,800 when feared by your SM) (Gladiators do not have notable shield skills besides the 4,208 / 3,117 Dauntless Spirit advanced/regular damage reduction) Elyos Spiritmaster SKills Lets look at your magical defense debuffs: 400: S
  7. Your transformation contracts are server-account wide. Sso when you apply a transformation contract on one of your characters, all other characters in your account in the same server also have access to that transformation.
  8. 10 days of Lugbug daily final rewards on 4 characters 8 attempts, 2 successes Character 1 2021.03.26 18:44:47 : You have used [Event] Heavenly Crystal Selection Bundle. 2021.03.26 18:44:47 : You have opened the [Event] Heavenly Crystal Selection Bundle. 2021.03.26 18:44:47 : You have acquired 6 [@item:152080178;ver8;;;;;](s). 2021.03.26 18:44:48 : You have acquired 6 [@item:152080178;ver8;;;;;](s). 2021.03.26 18:44:48 : You have used [Event] Heavenly Crystal Selection Bundle. 2021.03.26 18:44:48 : You have opened the [Event] Heavenly Crystal Selection Bundle.
  9. From: list of skin skills Heavenly Weapon Skills These are active skills, you have to cast them These are CaseSkill effects which will trigger another skill when user's HP drops below 80% Power: Solar Force (HeavenWeapon_Buff) Power: Blessing of the Sun (HeavenWeapon_Buff_Sys) Power: Bright Lunar Force (HeavenWeapon_Shield) Power: Moonlight Shield (HeavenWeapon_Shield_Sys) Power: Meteor Force (HeavenWeapon_Attack) Power: Meteor Explosion (HeavenWeapon_Attack_Sys) Cooldown 5 minutes
  10. To get lugbug mission party kill count, your alts have to be within 50m of the killer.
  11. Voted for Cubics and RNG selections Imagine if essential things like driver license renewals, property tax bills, water bills, etc. can only be paid by using casino loyalty points (where $$ needed to accumulate points to pay for these depend on your luck on the slot machines)
  12. See document Extras Stats and skills list of some bosses Katalam camp mobs
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