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  1. 5 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Ragnarok is Gelkmaros world boss that spawns near forts and looks like the Alien.

    Yes I know what Ragnarok is but I swear I have never in my life been there, at least not when the date implies I dpsed it. I haven't seen it at all since they re-implemented it.

  2. 7 hours ago, NimOG said:

    I didn't read this whole thread. But I just want to say to me there's an obvious difference between botters and farmers. Most botters go in an exact pathway / pattern repeatedly. It's more obvious when there are no mobs (e.g. you kill them first and watch the player), they will just walk one way, turn exactly straight at some spot and continue on doing this. Players just look and feel more real and less predictable/repetitive. There's also an issue with some of the bots where they will not even attack a mob first, but wait until it aggros onto them -- so they will often run PAST the mobs, among other things that make it more obvious.

    Also, I don't see why someone who works can't play, unless they're immature  and unprofessional. I don't think they should have GM abilities on their normal account at all and should have someone else do the work for it though.


    I absolutely know what you are saying, I am bringing the worst case scenarios that could happen. We are really wasting time discussing this, there is no way this would ever be implemented.

    I remember when we had the ability to kick people in EC, most of the players never abused it but we did have a few idiots that did it continuously and they had to remove that feature because those few were ruining the instance.

  3. 7 hours ago, AriaTheMelodious-DN said:

    You literally are on the website though, look: https://myaion.eu/Player/39723

    If you appear on the site it means someone at some point who you were group with (or were attacking the same mob as) was running the dps meter.

    A total absence from the site means they have never been in group or contact with anyone running the meter nor have they attacked anything which also had someone running meter on, like a world boss or siege deity.

    It seems the name priority is awarded to accounts, not individual toons. What we're likely looking at is an active account who is earning the name privilege for their alts.

    EDIT: I forgot to add that being as low as a 1 star officer at ANY point in your Aion career post-6.2 automatically gets you added to the website because it reads the top 300 officer ranks daily and makes entries for each player -- no matter whether you or anyone in your proximity uses the meter.

    Lol I am indeed, but where the hell did that "ragnarok" appear? I have never in my life been there.

    Anyway back to the topic, the GMs defo take a very light approach to names it seems or we do not know the exact case of the KT pebbles.

    I suggest to the DN pebbles to be creative and make something like "PebbIes" where the "L" is a capital "i" or something.

  4. 1 hour ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    If they TRULY have more playtime than you -- and it's not Support being idiotic as per usual -- then the fact that they don't have a presence on MyAion screams Luna bot or event afk toon. In any case, I hope you get it worked out. :(

    The "more playtime" means they are older in that name and also they didn't quit and probably keep entering the game (either to pay for a housing or just check or do simple things and events). I doubt they will count the amount of minutes played to calculate this. If he made the name first and still logs he is entitled to the name.

    Also are these the two options if you are not on that site? Because I have never in my life used a dps meter for any pve instance I did in the pat (because I haven't done any pve instance the last months since the doable ones are outdated).


  5. 3 hours ago, Wex said:

    Idk what your issue is buddyboyo. Abusing banrights would risk a permaban on your own account, the account could easily be unbanned later anyways, and it's much less of an issue than the mass botting problem that's out there right now.

    always ppl like you that either want a 'perfect solution' or no solution at all. Dumbass black/white mindset,

    So many mistakes in such a low amount of words right there, take a seat or take several seats because you must be new to Aion.

    • Abusing banrights would risk a permaban on your own account

      ...but you saw someone and you "thought he was botting" and you simply banned him. Whoever farms can be seen as botting, whoever glitches can be seen as hacking (like the teleport glitch that happens with snare)
    • the account could easily be unbanned later anyways

      What is harder: 1) ban an obvious bot, 2) have someone banned, open a ticket, check the case and logs and unban someone based on a false ban? That "easily" could have been used in the first place to simply ban bots which they already don't "easily" do. Also an abuser will ban someone out of wrath and then that guy will have to calmly go to support, open a ticket, wait for days until he gets a reply and hope they will see the infairness and unban. And people would be happy with this and everything would be fine... not in our universe.
    • always ppl like you that either want a 'perfect solution' or no solution at all

      ...you offered the "no solution" so far, so don't pad yourself in the back yet.
    • Dumbass black/white mindset

      ...to have the ability to ban people you have to be an employee of the company, point blank period. They will have to train you and explain you the rules, the way you handle situations, the procedures etc. You cannot come in the forums for example and write "dumbass" as an employee and you have to keep it cool always and never lose temper and never get into fights either ingame or in forums. You have already failed to apply for the company if you put this into your resume

    Lastly, whoever has the ability to ban, cannot play the game actively and do pvp. Imagine if you had GM powers and you went out killing people, you might be legit good at pvp but the people will think you are given items because of your GM status because there were times that GMs did abuse their powers in the past in well known cases. It doesn't matter if that is untrue, it matters the people will think it is true, will dislike it and quit the game.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Wex said:

    People would cheer, everyone would be happy, and aion would thrive.

    ...people would sing and dance together, butterflies would be soaring the flowery fields, the sky would be a different shade of blue... Wex would be the new hero and everyone will be building statues of himself while he sat on his throne in front of his gaming pc enjoying the fame.



    16 minutes ago, Wex said:

    Alternatively you just delete all their topics instantly since this forum isn't the place to ask about ban appeals anyways.

    ...I am deleting posts?


    In all seriousness, if you had the power to ban people you would have to be an NCWest employee. It is very simple. They can't allow players to ban other players. You might have good deeds but someone else could ask the same power from NCWest and then abuse it until they find out it was wrong and have to fix what is unfixable.

  7. 6 hours ago, Wex said:

    And then what? I would have video evidence of the ban. It's a shitty excuse of you to protect botters, would've thought better of you

    I am just mentioning that people get banned and come here and claim they did nothing when GMs do it, imagine if players had the ability to ban people.

    I am not playing Classic actively because of the bots and candies. But you have to think in reason when you suggest the company to give you the power to ban people.

    A video would come handy but that is against the company's "no shaming" policy. Whoever they ban, they are supposed to check thoroughly (which in practice they don't) and never give out any information outside the person who got the ban.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    Im all for them resetting the houses, ive been saying it for years. Its really not fun how 40%+ of the houses, estates, and palaces are owned by people who log in once a month to pay rent and then leave. It doesnt even make sense to me how someone can literally just log in once and not even play the game... They should also base renting houses on time played. If this person is only on 2 hours a month, get rid of their palace. 

    A quest to pay the house would fix it. If play time was a factor, those people would log their chars and afk them in their palaces and estates enough time to fill the "hours played" quota and keep their houses.

    It needs to be done in a way that you either play the game and accumulate enough quest items to be able to keep the house, or simply lose it. And it doesn't have to be a super hard way, just not as easy as log in, pay and leave.

  9. 4 hours ago, Wex said:

    This. I would ban bots for free, or in return for a daeva pass lmao. I've already made player support tickets for 3 bots that are still running around. I could've banned them and another 30 bots by now just in my downtime while waiting for my adma group to gather, etc.

    Manual bans are what NCsoft needs to do, idk wtf they are doing now but its a waste of time and it aint working at all.

    Until someone came here and claims they got banned by an ingame player like you, who has the power to ban people, but did it because they hate each other.

  10. 2 hours ago, Alvie said:

    They would benefit more from free character transfers from Siel -> Israphel, but not back the other way.

    They would benefit more from... oh you mean NCWest, yeah nobody cares if NCWest benefits though. The key is for players to benefit, not the company.

    A free transfer form SL-A to IS-A is like a free 1-way ticket to a 3rd world country with no way of return.

    Nobody on SL-A cares if IS-A will work for the IS-players or for NCWest because it is not their problem to solve. Nobody from SL-A would ever be willing to transfer to the dead faction-server. Even if the transfer was free and they gave incentives they would still not go there. Getting free scrolls so you can die like a dummy is not appealing to anyone.

    Even if IS-A has 100% 24/7 free siel's Aura until the balance comes, not a single current Aion player would play there, the people who play now do not care about the 15$/month fee. It would only appeal to cheapskates or people from poor countries, and once the balance would come, they would have to pay for Siel's Aura and they would have to quit bringing back the imbalance.

  11. 37 minutes ago, 5sB1C19-DN said:

    Imagine transferring to a dead server and getting geared for nothing and finding little to no pvp.

    But Alvie is an elyos on SL... that transfer would benefit their faction so it doesn't really matter you or the Asmodians feel, as long as it serves "the balance" it should work or something.

    Of course it wouldn't, if any Asmodians had to be transferred to IS or prevented from being able to make a char on SL to begin with, they would simply quit. Nobody plays Aion to fill faction quotas, everyone does it for their own personal joy whether that works for the company or not.

  12. 8 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    I think the easiest way would be to make several channels to in Oriel so everyone can get a house and limit the amount of housing (mansion/estates) per IP and per account.

    Or everyone's studio which is a personal instanced house should be expandable from a studio to anything bigger via quests etc. You could always invite friends to check it out and see the decoration. like a whole house that can be up to a palace with the garden and all.

    As much as I like the idea of a housing map where everyone can go and look at the villages, this was quite limiting if you factor the fact Aion is supposed to be played by thousands of people on each server.

  13. 5 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Ok but what if I take a vacation of 1 month which is normal in my country ? Do I have to loose my mansion and buy it again ? In my opinion, holding housing while inactive should be allowed, for a few months at least.

    You would still have the 1,5 months allowance before it goes to auction like you do now, that system won't change. The only thing that will change is the way you pay for it which will be money plus quest items that you get from doing lugbugs.

    Once you are back you need to finish the weekly to get a converter + the first daily you can, so you can pay the oldest month you didn't pay, next day you get another daily + the weekly converter you already have so now you paid for 2 weeks in 2 days. Repeat until all weeks unpaid are done.

    Of course we are hallucinating thinking something like this will be implemented.

  14. 1 minute ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Ye but there will be no merge anymore q.q

    Yes, they need to make it for this merge we just had. And also curb your merge, Classic will get a merge at some point.

  15. 11 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    That may be a nice idea but it should be of limited usage to prevent players jumping between races once per week. I think it should rather be handled by support like server transfer and limited to 1 use per account for all time.

    Even better they need to keep this exclusively for when there is a merge. Just like colliding names they should make a ticket for changing the race.

    In this case they should simply let the person decide which race his account belongs to and turn all the colliding opposite faction chars into the same race.

    Even if 1 char is e.g. Elyos and 11 are Asmodian, he may have changed to maining that elyos the last 6 months so he wants it to be Elyos, so the choice needs to be on the player.

  16. 21 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    I don’t have a solution in hand but I agree, there are many issues in the current housing system and they should be addressed , but in a way that won’t harm anyone, including old players who take a few months break from the game.

    This perma housing system is exactly the same to the perma ranks where the highest ranks logged once a month and kept the important transforms out of the factions. Someone gets a palace and simply keeps billions of kinah and comes to pay once per month and then go away, depriving the game from important fun and features.

    They need to change the housing payment as I mentioned elsewhere. Something that would defo make it impossible to just enter, pay and then vanish without engaging enough to justify keeping a house.

    Something like this:

    • Daily Lugbug final reward gives a "housing token" which is a 7-days item, this is a one time use item. You can get one every day but you need 1 per week only
    • Weekly Lugbug final reward gives another item like a "housing converter", this is a 30-days item and it is reusable infinitely as long as it lasts, you can get one every week but you effectively need one per month.
    • Daily lugbug housing token + Weekly lugbug housing converter + 4m kinah = housing license for a week which you would give to finish a pink licensing quest in your housing keeper.

    Finishing lugbug daily once per week and a lugbug weekly once per month is enough to not make it too repetitive for active players but enough engagement to deter people who do not play and keep a house.

    If anyone gets a long hiatus something needs to be done so the remaining players can enjoy the game. This also prevents people from owning too many houses with alts just for the fun, they would have to play those alts and do the lugbugs at least.

  17. 29 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

    Hey there, Cubic acquisition has definitely come up before, so I will do what I can and re-raise the issue with the development team.

    Thank you, let them know why this is an issue, when we didn't get the auto hunt we lost the ability to farm endless hours while sleeping which is pretty much an ingame legal bot. The drop rates do not matter when you can legally bot and leave your char to farm for 10 hours and come back and see all the good loot he got.

    No auto hunt and low drop rates makes it impossible for people to progress the game as it is designed.

  18. 8 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Or bring back garden event and add stat cubic drop to it with high rate.

    99% will be the useless one we already have. I still lack the m.attack platinum one for example yet whenever I grind I get tons of cubicles that I already have. I rarely see that m.boost one.

    Cubics SHOULD be in the cubic lab, like we did in the whole 6.x patch. You should be give then keys to open whichever box you want, whther it is boss cubicles or the normal ones.

  19. They have to reset the houses of those that log once a month to pay only and keep the houses. They cannot cater to people who do not play more than those that log daily.

    And they need a permanent way of addressing this abuse. They need to reset houses every 6 months based on whether the player was active during the previous 6 months or not.

  20. Just now, Jagblade-DN said:

    I think it's beyond saving at this point. My girlfriend and I were praying for classic for years and what we ended up getting was terrible. We both regret pre-ordering the biggest pack and have both since quit playing (as early as July.) Like Arhangelos said, the damage is done. The dropped the ball straight through the floor on day one and rather than fix things while they still had the opportunity, while it was still early, they decided to just let things go. I give it maybe a month or two before the classic servers merge and a bit longer before it has the population of retail.

    Really nyerking sad and disappointed about all of this.

    I was wise and pre-ordered 1 month only, I ended up playing like 3 weeks in total (2 of which were the free trial so I still had 3 weeks in sub and still didn't log a single day).

    I never wanted Classic so I can run with 6 speed, or cast my simple skills slower than a return scroll casts. I wanted it for the fact it was giong to be subscription only and no p2w from BCM and it wasn't.

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