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  1. The game is the content of Aion, not the content of their legal documents. I wish they would stop confusing the two.
  2. I'm against it because it's against ToS. I wish my camera was farther out, but it's against ToS to use Shugo Console. I'm not reading the rest of your rubbish that probably amounts to an ironic excuse for you to use it as a gateway drug to hacking.
  3. Yea, I didn't mean to call it a third party software.
  4. There is a difference between intentional design and inevitable drawback. Ping is a inevitable drawback and zoom distance is a intentional design. There is a difference between third party software that modifies a program and one that modifies settings on the computer without touching the game. Third party software that modifies a program is changing the intentional design of the program. Third party software that modifies your computer's protocols is your right, as long as it doesn't modify the game client itself. Both viewpoints are one in the same. Yes, NCsoft has the right to ma
  5. In regards to the new article linked, how does this affect usage of the commonly used third party softwares such as listed below: Shugo Console Mouse-side button keybinding programs With macros Without macros Damage meter programs Aion Rainmeter* aiDPS* Etc. * These programs have abilities to detect hackers, alert the player of certain messages or log-style messages in chat, and etc that doesn't perfectly fit in their confines of their here-in description of damage meter programs. Personally I think u
  6. This just in, Kibblez was primaried by his perfectly identical twin Kibbletz. Will Kibbletz beat his opponent Cat? Probably, because the food is poison and costs less than the leading brand.
  7. Gimme cookie for trying? Someone help me, I'm bored.
  8. There are staff, like at least 5 of them. PS: Your name bugs me because you have 4 posts atm. And I'm really just posting for post count. You don't like it, smite me! Oh wait you can't, RIP Clerics.
  9. Is Katalam the new Kahrun server. Was it the Kahrun server that went down randomly? Edit: I mean the first sentence not in the merging way.
  10. Mmm, fried fish. Especially the catfish kind. The kind of catfish that get caught red handed. Mmm. Drama is tasty.
  11. 1) This would be good idea, but I think anyone could see that would need to happen, so it's not a great idea. 2) This is a terrible idea, this would kill both versions. There are already a bunch of private servers doing the same thing and it isn't like the mistrust of NCsoft isn't going to bring players back. 3) This would also kill the current version of Aion. There isn't a significant population to have this work, the only way to make it work is if they release a newer Aion game and make that one subscription based. Basically Aion is on life support and there is no way off of it.
  12. Katalam isn't bugged for once? Or does that come later?
  13. Kinda off topic: I would say paying per hour from a normal monthly cost in total would be cool for any game since it's more fair for people who work, however the price point would beat up no-lifers at $60 per month according to my calculations if they played 8 hr a day. I would add a cap per month. In this case, they should try adding cost caps per month, and they should lower the hourly rate. If it was a new game $30 per month max, $0.125 per hour would be an okay price; but it's a old game, a very old game, I'd reduce both prices, heavily. Either way this is gonna die like the rest
  14. It wasn't communist, it was collectivist, but I'm bending that word because it gave more power to the people with more alts. Anyway both siege systems suck.
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