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  1. I'm starting to think these guest "players" are just trolls.
  2. This just in! It was confirmed on a public discord that they are actively planning to block people from playing Dark Poeta in 1.5. Told ya! Since the following of worshippers is so large, I guess they felt like it would be more useful to publicly make statements on it. Any statement about shutting down pay-to-win players is a farce. Edit: It looks as if Kibbelz joined their discord, so if they haven't learned their lesson, they might make their moves differently this time around. This topic can go on the back burner, but political vigilantism is at play for anyone that
  3. Aion Classic and Aion Live will probably die since no one is defending Aion Classic and there is nothing but sock puppeting still. The pay-to-win can keep playing their games and destroy themselves rather than actually find peace, better than letting Aion live at least. Aion Classic can be the best thing if they only stop playing kiddie games with trying to be the best.
  4. It is the player's fault if they choose to try a little meth so to speak. They are perfectly capable of making decisions if they choose. It is also the companies fault as well.
  5. Oh didn't see that Looks like they went full on Classic on twitter, at least for now.
  6. Games and grocery stores are different. Bad example. No one is mistreating anyone here except the pay-to-win folk who socket puppet in my threads. If they want to play Aion without it dying, then stop pushing for pay-to-win, it's that simple. If they want to bully people and create class warfare, get the nyerk out. Other than that, I don't care.
  7. Who really thinks Israphel is dead? Sure he doesn't have the relics anymore if alive, but maybe he decided it couldn't do what he wanted it to do and decided to fake his death to get people off his tail.
  8. I would be embarrassed to admit to being an elyos if I were one, and I'm not an elyos.
  9. You wouldn't know for sure if someone came back. If you are seeing real faces in a game seek help
  10. In the days of DLR, we had like maybe 3 different statics running it? All people that were elites. They were the same people asking for pay to win items on forums every so often. They had followers that were confused into thinking it was a great idea. I can think of a perfect example of people not knowing what they want when they seek something. Medicine is a perfect example, people ask for things that would kill them, and that's why you can't always listen to customers. You can't just let unreformed criminals run the streets. These pay-to-win people are the criminal
  11. It's nothing compared to what happened with DLR. It was a more obvious version of DP.
  12. Eh, anyone can come back on a fresh start game. They loss nothing in comparison to others in the new game.
  13. I didn't back pedal at all. I said nothing was coming and by definition nothing is coming if nothing is confirmed at the time. You just can't read and now you are just background noise to me. Most of what I was talking about in the original post happened with DLR.
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