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  1. Yup! I was going to use the event coins from the Garden event to get tons of ancient refining stones to + my gemstones. I'd also have to spend a decent chunk of cash on the BCM to uncorrupt them. I'm not doing that anymore! Not until they make this right. @Kibbelz
  2. not to mention unpottable silence, root that doesn't break with damage, strong toggle DP that can be up almost all the time, tons of CC, etc.
  3. Too many resists for stuns: buffs and glyphs. Very little resists for pulls and the pull had a stunning effect. It is definitely a nerf .
  4. I saw that more than 1 skill got the cd reduced and one got a damage increase. The lower cd's will increase dps, I was counting those. What buff to CC do glads get?
  5. It looks like glad's dps will get a nice buff but I think our PvP ability is getting nerfed pretty good. Our leap/pull will now be a stun :(. All the abilities that are getting a dmg boost or cd reduced look like abilities that aren't usually used in PvP. I could be wrong though, the patch notes I found were (poorly) translated.
  6. If you submit a ticket they'll allow you to switch names right away. Otherwise there is a waiting period before you can use a previously used name. They were fairly quick about it when I did this a few months ago.
  7. Touched a nerve? You are no where near capable of doing that. I never said anything about 'unbalancing' good lord how dull are you. Do you always insert words in others mouths and use fallacies when arguing because you are too stupid to do so competently?
  8. Petty and selfish? ROFL, I advocated for allowing the eggs to be transferrable again or for everyone to be treated the same. In what universe is that petty or selfish? You could easily get 50-80 of the crit you want for your main and probably about the same amount of defense, that is huge enough. Stop projecting you petulant child. You have no valid point either, what are you even talking about ROFL. Your accusations are hilarious given your past history of crying about WB and saying, "Either no one should have godstone weapons or they should be made more accessible to everybody to
  9. Wait, so they just started the game but they also thought they were an authority when it comes to judging the importance of collection effects having to do with apostles? Do I have that right?
  10. I agree that re-opening transfers is their only non-douchebag option. I'm just saying that if they do go with the douche bag decision they can maybe be slightly smaller douche bags if they make it at least fair for everyone. Either we all should have the option to exchange restore tokens for apostles or no one should have the option. AGAIN, I'd rather they re-open transfers though.
  11. If they aren't going to let everyone do it then it is only fair that no one benefits. I'd rather everyone gets a chance to get apostles though.
  12. @Kibbelz please tell me that they are going to be taking away the extra apostles that other people got before they stopped allowing the egg to be transferred. As long as they do that then fine, whatever. If not, this is completely wrong!
  13. Ah ok, I'll give that a go. I tried just getting the buff and never equipping the AP rune last night and I at least got the buff to work on its on. I'll try to see if I can get both effects now.
  14. I got the snake AP buff and went into HM. It looked like I was getting the same amount of AP. I thought maybe it was the interaction between my AP rune and the buff but when I tried a run without the rune I got less AP (Rune is only 26%). Is this intended? It looks like PvP I get the same amount of AP too.
  15. I'm thinking they get an egg to max level and then they discard it and restore it with a token and then repeat. I'm not sure if they are re-leveling an egg to max each time or if it gets restored to max and then they can reclaim its reward though. I'm hoping one of them clarifies too.
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