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  1. You too? I was thinking I just gained a lot of weight since the last time.
  2. We already have this feature with the PIN bug. Maybe they could lower the success rate and sell runes in the BCM to give a small buff for higher success?
  3. It is actually insane to see the state of the game now after an ~8 year break. The amount of bugs that seem to be really old are numerous. The graphical glitches are just insane, one moment my character has a black dandelion thing, then I see a black forest out of no where, then my game crashes when teleporting in certain areas because apparently I have a RTX 2060 and FK me, Going to Divine is a trip, it is see through, then all red with writing all over the place... holy sh*t.
  4. I wish they would say something. I should try to get into contact with my of my old school peeps but didn't want to bother them just yet. If there is something concrete I can link I'll definitely start networking with them then.
  5. I didn't include anything in my math about the probabilities being entangled at all. I was completely assuming that each event was statistically independent of one another. The data I've seen in the past said the chance was 17.5 percent, if 13.75 is true then that would make the probability of getting an ultimate after combining 6 transforms 3 times, 1 - (1 - .1375)^3 = 35.8%. I'm pretty sure all I've done here is correct. I'm not an expert in probability, I have a PhD in condensed matter physics which does a lot of probability but it looks a lot different from this.
  6. Thanks all for the clarification. It is very disappointing that you can't use restoration tokens for transform combination :(. I was thinking with three tries the odds of getting an ultimate (when I can actually get 6 extra legendarys) wasn't too bad, ( 1 - ( 1 - .175)^3) = 43.8%.
  7. If you fail to combine, say, 6 transforms can you restore them with a restoration token? Or are these things exempt from this system?
  8. Yeah, they do take a while. I've spent a ton of time hard grinding the lvl 76 area in Ingg because of the last few events. I am only 2/5 on pretty much all of the open world cubics. So probably 1/3rd of the way to having max cubics. My account is about 2.5 months old now.
  9. Thank you for the explanation. I don't have a grasp for how difficult the final boss of PF is so no red flags flew for me. I had seen something like this on YT in like 1.9, someone solo'd Draupnir Cave by floating above the boss. Crazy that an entire group does it.
  10. Yep, this has happened to me a few times.
  11. I'm just curious how we know he was hacking here? Is it because there are hardly any heals and a fight like this should require way more? Was everyone in this group hacking? Sorry, I'm pretty newly returned and just don't know what I'm looking for here, generally curious.
  12. Survey with all the rewards from Meririnerk! I can dream...
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