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  1. so if anyone wondering , event deava pass will replace the season 8 one for 2 weeks, we will be getting the regular deva pass at end of the month.
  2. idk bro seems like they juste replaced the season 8 pass with the event one .. :)) @Loki @Kibbelz can we have a confirmation for this?
  3. wheres the regular season pass at.. only got the event one.. @Kibbelz @Loki
  4. Amen. Drop rate boost should had been for all instances , not just DP.. how tf are we suposed to even get our extend when drop rate is like 0.00000000001% on spear
  5. @Kibbelz so its only Dark Poeta? other instances arent affected by drop rate boost?
  6. @Kibbelz hopefully this event also affect instance like DC .. kind of ridiculous to do that instance over 300 time and never see the weapon you can use once.
  7. +1 after 300 ish runs of Draupnir cave to get bakarma spear.. and still not getting it ,i agree that a additional drop event would be welcome to help players get the loot they want from each instances.
  8. For everyone wondering when we gonna get the subscription rewards : not before the 12th january.
  9. @Kibbelz @Loki mind giving more info about this?
  10. @Loki @Kibbelz all Skill animation/Sounds are broken , NPCs arrows for quest are missing , some textures like Rift entry are broken. Ah yes. also the granker is made for 300 people ++ and its on BELUSLAN/HEIRON not morheim/eltnen like you mention on website. Another Copy/paste event from the korean version that wont ever work in NA... And you couldnt event copy/paste it right since you sent us on the wrong maps WTF are you doing.
  11. @Loki even with siege adjustements , israphel in a dire state. people wont even try to form for siege cuz theres a total of 100 ppl ( 40x lvl50 ) that is online during siege time. PLEASE MERGEEEEEEEEEE
  12. i think they forgot to ban some of those filthy hackers. Theres some still running around.
  13. this wont happen because NCWEST does not do any developpement of feature for the game , they just take care of event / maintenance / forum and store related stuff. NCSOFT korea calling the shots , NCWest just get a usb key and patch up stuff that they get sent.
  14. ABOUT DAMN TIME. You guys know what to do DO YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN AGAIN YES <------ NO
  15. They havent said anything about drop rate of anything , my guess is they wont touch that subject even tho its a major point that need to be fixed for this region and being one of the biggest demand on the NA population.
  16. Do you play the same game as i am?? Because since 1.5 the drop rate on stuff in open world have been nonexistent. It's litterally impossible to make kinah farming open world now. Population so LOW nothing sells on broker. The Kinah daily limit on selling rubbish is a complete joke , goodluck improving anything on your toon with that 1 million kinah limit when remaining enchant stone on broker is 7m a piece.
  17. @Loki @Kibbelz So we cant even take a Lower Fort (Sulfur) because deity has more HP than 2x Upper fortress gates. I know you said you'd fix stuff before next siege but yea... Also nice job locking my thread, i guess will have to keep making new one everytime Are you guys aware theres like 100 active players MAX on IS ? How tf are we suposed to even play this game anymore ALSO kind of unrelated but.. Are you guys gonnna do something about not being able to farm stuff to disenchant to lvl up our gear or we are doomed to play with unenchanted pvp gear because of a
  18. you're not worth my time. keep thinking bad decisions from nc is great for this game and its playerbase.
  19. Sorry to burst your bubble my man , but golden syndrome was 2.1 patch, and we had gold drops in 1.5 wayyy befor that patch. Stones you get from instance gear is rubbish tier 90% of time i've gotten good stones once outta dozens of d/e ice black gear from DC. I wonder how many elder pieces you gotten from core because i have still to get a single one after hours farming those mobs , this isnt as effective as farming brusthonin mobs. Also i do not use bot , ive did 100% of my farming legit and NCsoft removing gold drops from those maps is just a way to be lazy so they dont have to man
  20. You must not play the game to not understand that theo/brusthonin fabled item drop is needed to make enchants since its higher lvl golds wich yields higher level stones. How are we supposed to even make progress enchanting our stuff if theres a VERY LOW supply of enchant/demolition gear left on broker. The solution was for ncwest to do their job and ban the bots instead of screwing over the remaining player base that actually pay for a subscription and remove items that are required to progress. Good luck +15 anything with l60's.
  21. All "Fortress Gate" All variant of "Dux" "Stallari" and "Ulsaruk" should be nerfed , as well as the Aetheric Field Generator are the most important.
  22. @Kibbelz @Loki The latest change for Siege stuff isn't working at all. Are you guys aware we have like 100 ppl on server on a good day? And only 30 of us even siege. You guys will have to nerf this shit to like 10% of the current value if you want any sieging to happen. Those changes litteraly did nothing. HP bars isnt moving on Gates / On Aetheric Field generators / Ulsaruk/Dux after 10 min we took like 15% of the door hp with siege weapons on. SIEGES ARE UNPLAYABLE Do you guys ever even log your game since you released Classic? So what di
  23. @Kibbelz @Loki When will we have an update on things? Drop rate still suck / no fabled in brushtonin or theobomos. Population freaking dead on both servers No way to get enchantment stones White items being untradable/ loot acquisition confirmation bug. What are you guys waiting for???
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