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  1. 12 hours ago, Trexon-SL said:

    We are pretty set on Songweaver/Cleric but the third person is willing to play anything.

     - Just a suggestion, but your friend might want to play a physical dps or tank class.

    We have the prestige package.  Are the items you get from the supervisor a one time only thing? Want to make sure we take it on the right character.  

    - If you're talking about the once-a-month special item chest, then yes, you only get it once that month and you can only use it on the character to which you applied the code. That said, some of the items you may get INSIDE the chest are account tradeable.

    Are there any Must buy items off the Market that just makes life easier that has come out since level 65?

    - Not sure about necessarily buying anything, but I'd say things to hold onto (if you get them) are omegas, temperings, greater mythic supplements, spinel medals, fragmented spinels, Berdin's lucky stars, etc. Anything that increases your gear or EXP gain since leveling from 66-75 is a grindfest.

    How is the endgame pve/pvp doing?  Are there raids/dungeons that are worth farming?  Is there good server pvp...or hopefully good outlook when the server merges?  We are looking for a game for atleast a year while we wait for a couple games (Pantheon/Ashes of Creation).

    - This varies based on people's opinions on what "good" pvp is. I'm more of a pve queen anyway, so I won't comment on it. When you get to level 66, you can do Adma and Theo fairly easily. Make sure you do your daily Lunas as those give rewards, good crafting, lots of EXP (on par with Fissure of Oblivion), and sometimes omegas and temperings. Once you get to around 68-69 (depending on class), you can start doing Archives of Eternity. That gives greater mythic supplements which you'll need to guarantee 100% success on your omega enchantments. It also gives gear that you can disenchant for chronos stones or sell on the broker.

    My friend has to level up to catch up to us.  With the help of some 65's any super easy ways to boost that process...not that it seems hard anymore they streamed-line a lot it seems.

    - I leveled a toon from 1-53 in about 8 hours. Leveling is super fast now, especially with the crazy strong gear you get at level 10 and then again at level 55. Granted, that was with a 100% EXP server buff. However, low levels get EXP boost amulets several times throughout the leveling process; be sure to go to Panda/Sanctum every 5 levels (or just switch to standard server in the Fortress cities of Beluslan, etc) to grab your pink quests from the angels. Those award lots of free stuff that can be used or sold.

    Lastly, anything else I should know?  Like quest I should being doing daily no matter what or something that requires farming that I need to start right away?

    - Do your Lunas every day/week. They are the quests you get from the little pink moon near your skill bar if you aren't sure what that is. If you're 66+, do your daily Fissure of Oblivion too -- even if it's just killing the three fatties.


  2. Support tells everyone it's on their end. That's just their line lol. Also, for the past two weeks, we have been forced onto 32bit client by NCsoft due to issues with SFT. We will be back to 64bit today once maintenance is over, so try playing again and see if you have an improved experience. We've all been lagging severely on 32bit for the past two weeks.

  3. ^ A+++++++

    Even if something happens and you know for a FACT that it is one specific person's fault, do not call them out on it. It won't change the past; the mistake has already happened. Chances are, the person realizes it and already feels bad about it. If you don't think they realize and are afraid they might do it again (if it's a more-than-once possibility thing), you can KINDLY point it out. "Not sure if you know, but you have to back away from Kromede during her skills. :)" "If you can, please don't afk so we have a chance at winning. :)" Show you're not mad. I add a smiley face to pretty much everything I say, so that people realize I'm just trying to help.

    As mentioned above, it's just a game. Yes, afkers suck when it hurts the whole group, but you stressing yourself out is not going to change it. It will just make you unhappy. NCsoft has already stated they will not ban afk players since they switched to free-to-play years ago. This is just the way the game is run.

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